My new bed (mattress) is giving me terrible lower back and hip pain, Help!
May 14, 2013 12:50 PM
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My husband and I bought a new bed last week and it came on Saturday. We were very excited about the bed as when we layed on it at the store it was very comfy and we were happy straight away. When it arrived we didn't hesitate to have our old one taken away. We were not really unhappy with our old one but it was my husband before we were married so he had had it for about 15 years. We thought we would treat ourselvs to a new bed! When it was all set up and we layed on it it felt much firmer than in the store and we puzzled over this checked the lable and it was what it said on the order form. We slept on it that night and in the morning I was in terrible pain in my lower back nothing I had felt before. We immediately decided to go back to the store and check out the bed we had tried. We were told it would not feel like the one in the store and that one was 'Broken in'. I was surprised to learn that what you triy in the store is not what you get when the new one arrives at your home. We were told what to look for to make sure our bed wasn't labled wrong we went home and it wasn't. I called the store to see what had happened to our old bed to be told it was given to charity they don't store them. Too bad as  want our old bed back, mistake to have it taken away for sure! Anyways we were told it would take time to get use to the new mattress but as I write this I am in such pain in my back that I dread going to bed tonight !!! I am even feeling depressed, my mood is not good at all and I am in pain.  I am not sure how long I should put up with this and I have no idea I would be happy with the next purchase .We have a comfort guarentee up to 60 days, one exchange. I am told be be patient and wait a while but I don't know how long I can put up with the pain and no idea it it will get better. I almost feel I will have to sleep on our couch as I know I feel a little better on there than the new bed.  The new bed is a P/P Canva Queen mattress Brand is sealy. It's got a pillow top. It's not really firm but it's not as soft as we expected from what we layed on in the store. I don't know what to do now, just keep hoping the pain goes away? Start looking for a new mattress, what firmness? Any help, support and advice really needed from somoene beeen throug this and any experts. I need my sleep to funtion properly and the pain is horrible. My husband is fine on the mattress he likes it but agrees it's not like what we tried at the store. No idea if it was even if i would not have pain. Sadly missing my old mattress, a treat for us turned into a disaster for me :( So sad!




Re: My new bed (mattress) is giving me terrible lower back and hip pain, Help!
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Hi Shorty,


I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. The first thing is to make sure your pain isn't being caused by something other than the mattress. Severe pain should be taken seriously: consider getting things checked out by a physician.

The second thing is to ensure your mattress is supported correctly. Check that the box-spring is oriented correctly and that there are no obvious sags in the mattress. If these things check out, read on...

My understanding is that the Sealy Optimum Cava has the plush pillowtop, then Gel memory foam/memory foam over the "opticore" beneath. It is rated as a "plush-firm" mattress, meaning that the pillowtop will be soft, but the foam will be more firm.

So, will the mattress soften up over time? Maybe, but just a little.

A high-quality plush pillowtop will change little over the short-to-medium term, but long term they are known to develop impressions, simply because the materials inside compact. Lower quality pillowtops don't last as long. The Sealy Optimum Cava is made from reasonably high-quality materials, so you can expect the pillow-top to continue providing a soft surface for several years at least.

Memory foam is a more complicated: if it is high-density (high-quality) then its firmness at a steady temperature will soften up only slightly over its lifetime (Lower density foams soften-up much more but often form impressions). The Cava has relatively high-quality foams, so it will not change much.

The biggest factor affecting memory foam firmness is temperature: warmer=softer, colder=firmer. If the showroom temperature was slightly warmer than your bedroom, then the mattress would have felt softer. You can experiment with firmness by changing the temperature in your bedroom and seeing if you notice a difference.

I hope this sheds some light on the situation.

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Re: My new bed (mattress) is giving me terrible lower back and hip pain, Help!
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Thanks for the reply,

I have no idea what to do it's been a week and my back is killing me. I know I have not injured it ( well may be from sleeping on this new mattress I have). But I didn't have a back problem not one bit until I sleept on this mattresss for one night. It's been a week now and it's still bad! We were going to go back to the store on Saturday but I was struck with a stomach bug and still not feeling good. What makes it worse is because I am sick I had to be in bed and on this mattress which is just making my back worse every time!  i wondering if it's the pillow top that is making my back hurt as I have never slept on one before? Prehaps I need to try one without a pillow top? i have no idea now what I need soft, firm etc I am so confused, depressed and in pain!  

Can anyone else help me out?


Re: My new bed (mattress) is giving me terrible lower back and hip pain, Help!
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Hi Shorty, I know exactly what your going through.  Had to replace my old mattress (which I never had a problem with).  Thought.... I'll buy one of those new you beaut cushion top mattresses (AH Beard) not soft, I think it was medium firmness.  Slept in it for about 1 or 2 weeks, then could hardly get out of bed.  The pain was sooooo bad.  I even turned it over and slept on the hard back of the mattress with some blankets on it.  That didnt work either.  They took it back and made it firmer.  Couple of months later the same pain came back.  I moved into my 12yo sons bed and he slept on my $2000.00 mattress.  My pain went away.  I slept on and off in my bed but the pain in my hip was terrible.  I bought a second hand sealy (firm) off ebay for $200.00 and sold my $2000 mattress for $200.00.  The firm mattress is no better.  I still have terrible pain in my hip all the time and constantly have pins and needles in my arms and legs sometimes I wake up and my arm is completely dead and I have to wave it around to get the blood flowing, I think it's because it's so hard it squashing my body because I sleep on my side and I never had any of these problems before I bought these mattress.  I used to be able to go to sleep and not wake until the morning, now Im always tired from constantly waking up in pain.  I bought a foam thing to go on top to make it softer because it felt like I was sleeping on a block of concrete.  One mattress to soft the other too hard, I feel like Im in the 3 bears book.  Anyway I am about to start sleeping in my sons bed again tonight and maybe go see a sports physio for the pain and thinking about trying to buy another mattress on ebay a medium comfort one. Im not getting another cushion top, Im quite slim and 5'7 and I read some where that if you slightly built dont buy a cushion top.  I will never spend a lot of money on a mattress again.  There are so many on ebay where people have bought them like us and hardly used them.  Just keep spending $200 till you find a comfortable one.  Sorry that I dont have any answers for you because I dont have the answer for myself either.  I just feel sick thinking I spent $2000.  We are just ordinary people and that is a huge amount of money for us.  I'll let you know what the physio says about what kind of mattress I should have.

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