Mid-Range ($300-$600) Memory Foam Mattress Help
Sep 12, 2011 10:08 AM
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I'm looking at purchasing a memory foam mattress in the range of $300-$600 and am unsure of which one to purchase. I'm a stomach sleeper and believe that a firmer mattress would be best. I've read on this forum and others that density is a key ingredient in the purchase in regards to durability of the mattress, which is one worry I have when purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Looking at mattresses in this range with a higher density than average (4lbs), Aerus seems to do pretty well in reviews, but some customers complain about it feeling like clay or the mattress running too hot. In addition they don't have the best BBB rating and their warranty is only for 5 years. 

Others such as Sleep Innovations or Lucid by Linen Spa sold on Amazon are reviewed very well, but seem to have a cheaper 3lb density to them and I'm afraid they won't hold up over time. In addition, there is very little literature by their companies that provides a proven warranty that would back their product.

Finally, I've looked at the BedinaBox mattresses. They provide a great amount of information about their product and their warranty, and their trial period seems second to none at this price point. Their PacBed 9" mattress only carries a 3lb density, but they state that their foam is the best. However, it seems that they weren't reviewed well on this site a couple of years ago, but I haven't seen many reviews lately. 

Any direction and/or comments you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you! 



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Re: Mid-Range ($300-$600) Memory Foam Mattress Help
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Welcome to the forum.  Inexpensive memory foam is a crap shoot.  I can tell you after everything, you have to go with the company you like over the phone.  I caled many of them.  I bought a topper online from driftawaymattress because of the phone conversation I had with him.  I must also tell you, one of my friends deided to buy a bedinabox and was very upset with the quality. 


Good luck in the search.  It's not easy.

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