Mattress Firm Hampton & Rhodes firm
Jul 17, 2011 12:14 AM
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Found this one today: Mattress Firm Hampton & Rhodes (their house line, made in Texas).

$1129 for a king. ~1000 coils, ~12 3/4 gauge. tight top. firm. one year full refund policy.

Anyone familiar with this bed? Own it? Etc?

For the money, it seems like it could be a nice firm bed to put a topper on. But, wondering about durability.



Re: Mattress Firm Hampton & Rhodes firm
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Actually the bed has around 950 Coils in the King and 14.5 Guage wire. It is a 1 year non prorated warranty, which is not a refund in any way. You will still need to pay transportation cost if they determine there is a warranty issue.

Hampton and Rhodes is manufactured by Corsicana Bedding, which is a intro level bedding manufacture and they make the intro line for many companies.

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Dave is compeletely incorrect.


The 1 year refund is due to the happiness guarantee that they offer on most purchases.


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