Lux HQ vs HD36 under a 10'' Helix?
Mar 2, 2016 10:57 PM
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Hi all - have read some of the posts regarding the Lux HQ vx HD36 HQ being used as a base, but mostly using 3-6 inches of something on top - we are about to get a Helix custom bed delivered, and need something to go over our slats mainly to give height and fit our sheets.

The Helix is 10'' and we will likely order a 5'' base. The mattress has a softer surface but firmer support under as we're both stomach sleepers.

Question is - with 10'' over this base, will we even feel a difference between the Lux and the HD?

Re: Lux HQ vs HD36 under a 10'' Helix?
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I have not yet purchased Helix mattress. But from my friend's experience and reviews found online, I can say that Helix mattress can actually make you sleep comfortably. It has a sturdy base and therefore, not necessary to add a box spring. Any normal platform beds or even floors will do great for Helix mattress. As Helix mattress comes with a supporting base, users are very much pleased by its long lasting and supple effect. The best thing about Helix mattress is that it offers customization. This brand offers split mattresses for couples who have different sleep choices. Two different mattresses when sealed to each other, can become a perfect sleeping choice. Now that you both are stomach sleepers, it's good to go for Helix split mattress offer.  

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