Looking for a good organic latex mattress - need advice Plushbeds v. Flobeds?
Oct 8, 2015 6:46 PM
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Hello. My name is Jamie. I have been following several posts on here for some time now and learning a lot. Thank you for that.

Here is what I am looking for:

- My old mattress was memory foam and it did not provide enough support. I have lower back pain from this. I would like a mattress that is more supportive than memory foam. I read that 100% natural latex is great for pressure relief and that it is more supportive than memory foam so I think it may work well for me.

- During my research, I came across a lot of information on vocs in certain mattress and all of the harm that they can cause. So, I know that I want an organic mattress with little to no vocs.

- I am hoping this new mattress will last a long time and from my research, it looks like 100% natural latex is very resilient and that it lasts a long time so it looks like this is the way to go.

** I have my search narrowed down to 2 choices - Plushbeds and Flobeds. Both have excellent reputations; great customer reviews and nice return and warranty policies.

Does anyone have an organic latex mattress from either of these companies and how do you like it? I'm open to other suggestions as well as long as it is an organic latex mattress. Thank you.
Re: Looking for a good organic latex mattress - need advice Plushbeds v. Flobeds?
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Jamie.  Both have good reputations.  Plushbeds might be a little less expensive.  Flobeds is perfect for complicated sleep problems.  Mattdud

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