Latex Topper or stick with Memory Foam Topper?
Oct 5, 2015 10:41 PM
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I have a 7 yo Chatham and Wells pillow top mattress and box spring which are in good condition, but I'm having pain issues with hips and knees that were relieved by a 3 inch memory foam topper that was on the bed for the last year and a half, with the exception of summers because it's just too darn hot. This summer I rolled it tightly and stored it in a plastic bag, when I pulled it out yesterday it was starting to mold - so it's off to the recycle bin and I need a replacement.

Me: Side sleeper, pain hips and knees most nights (especially hips), back sometimes, sleep very hot on memory foam.
Husband: Back, side & stomach sleeper, back pain on occasion, sleeps somewhat hot on memory foam, but not as bad as me.

Because I sleep so hot on the memory foam, I was thinking maybe go with latex instead, so perhaps I can use it all year long. I am considering a 3 inch talalay medium latex topper. As I did like the comfort of the memory foam, do those of you who know about this think I would be happy with the comfort of the latex? Would a medium be right, if so? Any other suggestions? My husband is easy and will be fine with whatever I choose, but I do want him to be comfortable as well, of course! Oh, and our bed is a queen

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Re: Latex Topper or stick with Memory Foam Topper? Update!
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Took Mattdud's advice (thanks!) and stuck with the memory foam - purchased the Aerus Natural 3" Memory Foam Topper w/ 300TC Sateen Cover

It is a 4lb memory foam made in the USA by FXI, and is supposed to have enhanced breathability over traditional memory foams. I am impressed with this topper thus far, super comfy, the quality seams better than my previous one, the initial memory foam smell is almost nonexistent, and it comes with a nice deep pocket mattress pad. The heat thing, well it's still up in the air... Even though this is a new product for me, I would recommend it to others seeking a 3" topper. Less than 200. for my queen bed (remember the cover's included and it's seriously about as good as a Hotel Collection one for which I paid close to 100.) and free shipping (heavy product)!

Decided against purchasing a topper with cooling gel because of the additional chemicals.

One of these days I'll get to a store that has latex mattresses and check them out...

Hope this helps anyone looking for a similar product!
Re: Latex Topper or stick with Memory Foam Topper?
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Regarding latex toppers, I have both 3" and 2" ones. They each feel fantastic initially, but overnight they don't work out for me. After about 20-30min of laying on them, I get nerve tingling. I haven't worked out yet if it's the topper alone, or the latex bed underneath it that's the problem. It seems at least some other people on this form have had this same experience. Meanwhile, others seem to do well with them. It would be interesting to figure out what body characteristics make these comfortable for some and incompatible with others. I have my own theories (maybe related to low blood pressure not allowing enough blood to get by the uniform pressure on the limbs), but would be interested in comparing others' experiences. I may be buying the memory foam one you bought and like, hoping to see improvement.
Re: Latex Topper or stick with Memory Foam Topper?
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CAgirl.  How is the new topper feeling after a couple months?  Mattdud

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