Latex Mattresses in Los Angeles?
Jan 3, 2012 12:50 AM
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Hey everybody!

I'm a new user and have been reading tons on this forum trying to learn about latex mattresses. I'm probably going to buy something from, but I'm still trying to determine what I like. I've only found one true all-latex mattress in LA so far, a PureBliss. I liked it, but would like to try some other beds as well and at least make some comparisions. Does anyone know a place in the LA area that stocks all-Latex mattresses?



Re: Latex Mattresses in Los Angeles?
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prego08 wrote:

Jaxon Home in Culver City carries Savvy Rest mattresses.  Never been since they close usually around 6 and it is hard for me to make it before then, but I plan on checking it out.

Thanks for this info. I live near Culver City and never heard of this place but will check it out now.

Ortho Mattresses carries some 80-99% synthetic latex mattresses by Stearns And Foster. S&F makes different mattresses for different companies and these are only sold at Ortho. I think they're overpriced for synthetic latex but sometimes they are on sale. Also know that whatever the price posted on the mattress you can usually get it at about 40% off that. They work off commissions so walk out and try another salesman on another day. Sometimes a salesman is willing to go to rock bottom just to make a certain quota. I imagine this to be true at most mattress stores.

I may check out the place in Santa Monica too.

Re: Latex Mattresses in Los Angeles?
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I looked up Jaxon Home on the net. They have a really useless web site! Totally useless with zero real info, and absolutely zero info on any mattresses. But it's not far from where I live so I'll have to go there one day and see what latex mattresses they have just for fun. Looks like a very expensive kind of store so I doubt I'd buy anything there but it might be fun to look at a Savvy Rest mattress if they do have one.

I also looked at the Essentia web site and I only see mattresses with latex plus memory foam, none with pure latex. I didn't look thoroughly but that was what I got from their site. Also their mattresses look way overpriced, to me. If I'm ever near there with time on my hands I might stop in just for fun though. 

Re: Latex Mattresses in Los Angeles?
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Hi, I live in LA and just spent two weeks researching organic mattresses. I lucked out and found a new (still in plastic) mountain plush mattress and foundation on Craigslist for $1200. It is a bit firm so I need to get a topper. I just saw an Essentia mattress (new in box) on Craigslist for $1300...always a good source. Beds Etc., The Clean Bedroom and PJs has some nice latex beds as well. Robert Cramer ( can special order Royal Pedic beds at a discount and latex beds with coconut coirs. Good luck!
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