Latex Mattress Retailers on Oahu (and the rest of Hawaii)
Nov 29, 2012 9:44 AM
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I live on the island of Oahu, and I've only been able to find two stores that sells latex mattresses. One store called Sleepworld only sells one very expensive mattress called the Lago by OMI. I think it was $4000+, which is too pricey. I did lie on the model at the showroom, but it was a bit too soft for me. I just found out Sears sells latex mattress too from a company called Classic Brands. I have tried it out in person, but I do know it's not organic and it also contains a polyfoam base, which I am not fond of. Those are the only two stores I know that sells latex mattresses here. Do you know of any other stores in Hawaii that sells latex mattresses? I'm actually considering visiting a few mattress shops on the West Coast mainland to try out a few mattresses in person.
Re: Latex Mattress Retailers on Oahu (and the rest of Hawaii)
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jzt83 wrote:

They do sell organic Dunlop latex. are you saying they only ship talalay? I am a bit hessitant to order from them as they use Joma wool in the encasements, which isn't organic. I want to be as absolutely sure as possible that the wool is of the purest and least toxic quality as possible. Also, their checkout system is a bit shady. I entered my shipping info during checkout just to see if I was able to view the shipping cost. I didn't enter my credit card info on the next page and didn't proceed any further. I then received an email stating I had a payment pending for the order they received. I immediately called them and told them I didn't want to place an order and just wanted to check the shipping fee.

Yes, they do sell/ship Dunlop... I mis-stated what I was actually thinking, that they only sell 100% Natural, no Blended Latex.

Your decision on the wool... it looks like its natural wool.  Me, I would not worry about it being toxic no matter how the sheep are raised.

Regarding shady... that doesn't seem shady.  You entered some information, yes, and they followed-up an unfinished order by contacting you to make sure your order was not overlooked or misplaced do to some Internet snafu.  Perhaps they just need a better shipping estimator so the customer does not have to fake an order entry.  Compare their website to any similar vendor website... do they still look shady?


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