Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
Nov 8, 2015 3:09 AM
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We are looking at getting a new mattress. I like the layered Latex mattresses but I am wondering if the base (bottom of the mattress, not the box spring) really needs to be latex as well. I liked an Ikea mattress that was foam with a latex topper. Does the latex in the base really make a differance? Maybe it lasts longer?
Any one purchase one like this?
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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If you plan to buy from Ikea, I think it could be a wrong idea. I have heard people saying bad comments about mattresses bought from Ikea and i've personally read about it as well. If quality is your concern I think Ikea might but a good decision. I have been using 11' spring coil mattress for the past 6 years and it still feels fresh and new that I bought it from CD Mattress Canada that has quite good number of latex mattress I think. They are located at North York.
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Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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This is a great question. I am currently trying to decide if I should get the 10" Botanical Bliss mattress from Plushbeds which is 100% natural latex or the 10" Eco Bliss from Plushbeds which has a plushfoam core and a 3" 100% natural latex top layer. Does anyone have either of these beds who can give me advice? I am also wondering if the 100% natural latex bed last longer or if they feel different than those with a different core. Thanks!
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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JessicaSmit.  I'm unaware of any long term testing of materials.  The bottom layers of foam are highly compressed and have much less to do with your personal comfort than the layers that are closer to your body.  Mattdud
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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What Ikea mattress were you looking at? I was there recently but don't think I came across that one!
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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Foam and latex mattresses are good for different purposes, so no one can answer this question without knowing your sleeping style, your weight, whether you suffer from any pain. For those suffering from lower back pain, for example, high density memory foam with latex top (up to 13 inches thick) would be good. For those with scoliosis problems latex mattress with fur top could be the right thing. But you can never know unless you try each one, and it also depends a lot on your sleeping position. I know that for stomach sleepers it is recommended to use mattress with firm surface and weight distribution springs (both memory and latex are good). At the time, I found a guide here extremely helpful - it is divided into types of mattresses, different sleeping styles (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach etc), and even special guidelines for heavy weighted people (menu on the right).
Good luck!
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Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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It depends on your body, what kind of mattress does your body like.If you are easy to sweat,latex mattress may suitable for you.

But I prefer memory foam mattress.The Langria memory foam mattress I received about several days ago ,so now what I am using is a new mattress, then I bought a memory foam mattress toppers to match it,it really works well for me and I have a nice sleep every night.
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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Latex mattresses have different criteria. Try to buy them from the showroom there yo'll be found different lucrative models.
You like Ikea mattress but wanted to know about Latex! Can't understand your motivation :( Push a single question must I'll answer that. 2 answer is not possible for right now.
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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I'm finding a lot that seem to have foam base with latex top. At least the order-by-mail types I'm looking at.
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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Yes, I have purchased. Ikea mattress has excellent utilities.
Re: Latex Mattress - All Latex or foam base?
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I would recommend latex mattresses, as they are natural and good for the lower back health. It cools your body. Though latex mattresses are not that popular as memory foam mattresses, the soft core of latex may not suit every users. Some people are actually allergic to latex, which makes things worse. I second to Michael's suggestion.Your sleeping style and preferences do matter when it comes to buying a mattress. But if you are not allergic to latex, then it is the best material for the mattress. Latex has a natural ability to resist the microbes and other allergens. Also, latex mattresses aregopod for pressure point relief. Any mattress with a layer of latex at the top, makes a comfortable sleeping surface. You experience less heat. If you want a memory foam layer, you can choose to buy a hybrid mattress with latex at the top.

Lucid Latex foam mattress is one such type. It is made of two layers. The top layer is 3 inch airy latex and the base layer features a 7 inch high density foam. The plush soft lucid 16 inches mattress has got more layers in the making. The top layer is 1 inch bamboo charcoal memory foam for the cloudy feel. The second layer uses 3 inch emmory foam. The third layer comes with a 2 inch thick natural latex for the bouncy effect. And the final layer is the 10 inch thick high density foam layer for the stability. You can try these mattresses ayt home, as they do offer 30-day trial period.  

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