King Lump - why & what to do to fix it?
Jun 7, 2014 6:19 PM
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My husband and I have been through 4 king beds in the past 10 years and we just can't seem to get comfortable... We have similar needs and we both turn in our sleep.  My hips hurt & I get stiff easily.  He is super sensitive to his body's indentation & he sleeps hot.  And we're both really unhappy with the lump that runs down the middle of our bed no matter what we do.  We've even slept sideways to try to flatten it out.  We have a Ikea firm foam king on split box springs... we thought getting a very firm mattress would extend it's life, but the body indents happened quite fast, in our opinions.  And the lump between us seemed to form over night.  Is there any hope out there?  Has anyone experienced a not indented & no middle lump king that they can recommend?  I'm even up to considering mattress surgery if replacing the top section of our current mattress could solve the issue... The last mattress we were happy with was a King-size foam mattress from a now defunct "Big John's Mattress" in Cambridge, MA .  We sold it when my body was too sensitive to firmness through my 2 pregnancies & we really regret it... we didn't realize my hips would normalize once my body was my own again.  My sons have the same twin mattresses from Big John's and they are still the most comfortable one's we've ever slept on. And no break down... even after all of the jumping and antics over the years...  wish we could put them together and buy the boys new ones :).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Re: King Lump - why & what to do to fix it?
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lacker wrote:

We're currently sleeping on a IKEA foam (neither latex or memory).  I think it's the Sultan... whatever their most firm foam bed is.


The one we pine over wasn't a memory form or latex either. It was some kind of foam.  Our kids have the same ones but in twin mattresses. 

We looked at Casper beds online, and although they are made fairly close to where we live, the only place to check one out is in NYC. I didn't see any reviews of Casper on this site though...

Lacker.  Which one of these are you sleeping on?  Can you take a close up picture of the mattress your kids sleep on?  Post it here.  Mattdud

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