IBC Europa Gemini Mattress
Dec 1, 2010 11:40 PM
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In a previous post you provided a list of mattresses manufactures in the Texas area....thank you for this information.  In my continued search I came across the IBC Europa Gemini mattress, on the label it indicated that the mattress was from Cleburne, TX.  I can not find many reviews  about this mattress or this company.  The ones I have found have been around another line they carry called Miralux (?).  So just wondering if you could provide some food for thought on this mattress. When I laid in this mattress I got that ooh aah feel, because it is one of the first ones that actually filled in my lower back area and gave some instant relief. The price is around $1400 for a king which compared to some major brands is very reasonable.  My major concerns is will this mattress last and how can I tell if it is too soft (again it feels great when laying for 15 minutes or so but what about 8 hours or more??)

Here are some links to what I believe is the mattress with some of the specs, but not the store where I would purchase:



Thank you!


Re: IBC Europa Gemini Mattress
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Thank you so much for the information.  Some additional info:

  • We both do not have any major health issues or probelms
  • We are both back/side sleeper
  • I definitely need a mattress that fills my lower back
  • We both start to have shoulder pain when sleeping on our sides
  • My husband seems to like something a bit less cushy
  • Myself (5'2'' 130 lbs) and Husband (6'0'' 200 lbs)
  • I would love to find something already made that is considered a healthy mattress (that is one of the things I liked about the IBC it did not use a chemical base on their topper material)
  • We definitely want to try before we buy

The other thing, which I do not think I mentioned is that we actually do NOT currently have a mattress, we bought one, and returned it after donating our old one.  So right now we have been rotating places in the house (futon, kids beds, and sofa) for the last 2 weeks and we are miserable.  We have got to find something this weekend.  Luckily my husband has been traveling with work, so this gave me some more time to look. Unfortunately we do not have time to special order a bed and that is why I was hoping the IBC would be a good option for the both of us (of course he has to try it first).  The other thing about this store is that they have a 30 day comfort exchange policy.  The other mattresses I found that were comfortable were

So right now these are the ones I am leaning towards presenting to my husband.

I have definitely learned so much from this experience and this forum, that next time will be different, but unfortunately this time around we will probably not get the best mattresses for our money, we just want a good night sleep and right now I am willing to buy a "S" brand or another knowing that in a few years we will have to replace it.

Thanks for your help.


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Considering the urgency of your need, here are a few ideas.

I checked with a local manufacturer in Houston that I hadn't put on my list before that seems to make a good selection of mattresses http://www.sleep-designs.com/collection.htm#dream and their mattresses are sold at Ashley furniture and at Hilton furniture. I would suggest they are worth checking out and they likely have other brands as well.

Noah's manuracturing also has a retail finder on their website for stores. I have seen some good comments about these as well. Well worth checking out.

I also called mattresses1 since I really like the value they offer and she looked up some recent shipments to Houston for me and they are also available at Hilton Furniture as well as Lee Blum furniture and K furniture. She also said that if you found something you like that they would make it for you directly and include it with their next shipment to Houston (would be less expensive).

I also talked with the guy here who is a small retail outlet that came up on a quick web search. He didn't seem really knowledgeable about the mattresses and only has 15 or 20 mattresses on his floor but he seemed nice enough and I thought I'd include him because he carries Sleep design, AMM (another local manufacturer on the first list), and Corsicana. If he's close enough he may be worth a quick trip although you would likely find low-mid range there.

I didn't have the time to call the whole list or do any detailed searching but I just wanted to give you an idea of what could be done to find some really good quality mattresses available locally outside of "S" companies at better prices. All 3 of these (and any of the others on the list that are available through outlets in Houston) could give you much better value (better quality - lower price) than "S" company offerings (including the ones you listed) and you could actually lay on them first :)

Good luck and I hope you find something perfect. With a little more time you would have much better choice but at least you have 3 good choices without doing any more research.


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Re: IBC Europa Gemini Mattress
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WOW!  Thank you so much for this information.  Will keep you posted.

Thanks again!

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Hello -


I'm hoping that I too can benefit from your advice.  I am dreading mattress shopping I've been to 3 stores so far.  I'm looking for a price point of $700.  I am currently sleeping on a 12 yr old matrress with a 2 inch memory foam topper.  I love the bed.  I just need to move it to a guest room, so hence here I am.  I tested the Europa Gemini today and it feels very similair to the memory foam top that my husband and I are used to.  I'm not finding a lot in terms of reviews on this manufactuer or brand.  I've been quoted a price of $720, but now I question the durability.  This is a new store, so who knows who long they will be around.  I do not want to shop for another mattress for another 10 years!  PLEASE HELP. 

I also tried the Serta Wyrick yesterday, same price point....  I like this Gemini, in terms of feel much more...  Please provide insight! 


~ Nicole

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