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Aug 27, 2011 2:35 PM
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I am currently in the specialty mattress industry in a retail capacity.  I have experience with latex, Tempur-pedic, Aireloom, Kingsdown, Carpe Diem, Vi-Spring, natural and organic mattresses.  By the previous listings, you would correctly surmise that I have been mainly focused with premium lines.  However, I am very familiar many of the more affordable options, such as Flo-Beds.  If anyone has specific questions that they would like ask me, I welcome them.  I have a reputation for honesty and integrity.  I do apologize to those that have felt that they have not always experienced that in those they have encountered in my industry.
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I did visit the Ergo showroom and nothing felt as good as the Victoria Gardens (Hybrid) Aireloom.  Everything was either way to firm and flat feeling or too mushy.

What do you think of the current Aireloom beds?  I really love the Victoria Gardens bed but everyone tells me that it will likely start to sag within the first year and maybe even the first 6 months.  Its 54% talalay latex, 39% Poly foam, 5% viscos, and 2% silk and wool.   I would greatly value your analysis.  People are telling me 'all pillow tops will sag' but my dual pillow top lasted 16 years.  It was easier building a house than picking out a new bed.  Manufactures and sales people will not tell you anything or they just make stuff up.  I did speak to the BBB today and they tell me that Aireloom has had 9 complaints NATIONWIDE in the past 3 years...that doesn't seem that bed to me. 

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neiman, if you really like that bed and it's 54% latex in the top part then it might be a good idea to just get it and try it out, after you find out what the return policy is. Make sure you go over any fine print. If it's at least 90 days, then that may be long enough to find out if it's going to sag or not.

It's very difficult to base a new purchase on how your last bed performed, since it seems quality has become Job 10 in the bed industry these days. My last mattress - a mid-priced Sealy Posturpedic - lasted nearly 18 years with very little sag and in fact it's now in my guest room. I really don't count on my new  bed lasting that long.

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