I need some serious help please
Sep 24, 2021 8:53 AM
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Replaced old mattress, tried TWO Kingsdown between early June and early August, caused shoulder pain, back pain, purchased a Tempur-pedic Pro Adapt Soft. I don't know if this mattress is hurting me or if I've just been on too many new mattresses in too short a time.

I'm over 65 in good shape, no arthritis, no physical limitations, very petite female 118 pounds. Last night was 28 nights on this mattress. At first, shoulder pain (rhomboid muscles, shoulder sockets felt out of place), muscle pain went away, shoulder sockets still a little weird (but the Kingsdowns both did this to me also). I've been waking with mid back muscle pain, I can't sleep more than four hours without waking up. It's not horrible pain but I don't want to take pain meds. I haven't slept through the night in months and it's starting to affect me emotionally.

Is this my mattress or is it my body trying to adjust to yet another new mattress, over and over again? Mattress expert on FB told me to stay with it, give it time to break in and my body to adjust. Problem is, 45 days to make this decision. If I go past the 45 days, I'm stuck with having to sell it before purchasing another one.

What should I do, can anyone advise me? I was looking at the Stearns and Foster Cassat Pillowtup Plush but it looks just like the Kingsdowns I tried and I think it will be a problem too. Can someone help me?
Re: I need some serious help please
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If you are facing some serious problem in your life just because of the Sciatica which causes back and other body pain which makes your life terrible for you, then the 1st thing that you can do for reducing the pain from your life is the change of a mattress by changing the mattress you will start feeling well in your life.
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Absolutely right. Comfort zone is mandatory in everyone's life.

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