I need a COOLER mattress (help, please!!)
Nov 10, 2011 7:45 PM
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I recently had to replace an ancient (25 year old) mattress, and I've been in Mattress Buying Hell ever since (the old mattress was getting tired and lumpy, for sure, but I found it perfectly comfortable.  My boyfriend, however, hated it.  Hence the ensuing drama...).

I've done a ton of research and a ton of shopping.  Bottom line, I am now convinced that the right mattress for me no longer exists.  Because the new mattresses seem fraught with problems that never existed before.

In short: we needed a soft-ish mattress that is not too high and that sleeps cool.  Memory Foam was out, of course.  After practically breaking up in the mattress store, and coming to a complete impasse, my boyfriend and I finally settled on a (pricey) Stearns and Foster Pillow Top -- the one with Latex.

Since the mattress got delivered, I've been completely traumatized.  First, the thing is SO DAMN HIGH, it's a joke. We are now trying to adjust it -- we're replacing the box springs (more $$) and may eventually have to get a non pillow top (we can't put the mattress on the floor or a lower frame, or we would).

So there's the height issue. Can't believe the manufacturer's don't make a thinner coil mattress.

But the bigger issue is the HEAT problem.  I am absolutely convinced that this mattress is much warmer than my previous, boxspring mattress.  It warms up the minute I lie down and stays warm.

With the old mattress, as long as I had the right bedding, heat was NEVER even an issue.  With this mattress, it sleeps very warm, even on a chilly night.  That is not good.

I know there are all kinds of correctional steps I can take; cooling mattress pads (do they really work?), cooling sheets, etc.  I am willing to try any and all of those.

BUT...I would rather start with a mattress that doesn't heat up!!  Isn't that possible?  I've just paid a small fortune for a mattress -- why do I now have to try to "fix" it??

I only have one chance to return or exchange this mattress, and now I am really concerned that there is NO good Plan B.  We can't get Memory Foam.  We can't get a really firm mattress.  And now, the so-called "cool" Latex mattresses seem too hot, too (I was going to originally get a Sealy Posturpedic...but it has Memory Foam).

I know that some new, "micro-gel cooling" mattresses are coming on the market soon.  But they are basically Memory Foam with a gel top -- sounds iffy.

Comfort-wise, my boyfriend loves the new mattress.  But I am not yet sure I like it.  And the temperature problem is the key issue.


(I don't want to order online -- need to try the bed out.  And also can't afford a 4-$5K plus bed).

Please respond if you know of any solutions -- thank you!!


Re: I need a COOLER mattress (help, please!!)
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Hahaha... oh, man. So it's finally reached the 30-40s here. And we keep the house at approximately 74. So right now, I only have on my mattress - only! a mattress for backpain, feather bed pad (it's really just an old twin feather duvet that fits perfectly on the surface of the full mattress), fitted sheet, sheet, feather duvet in a flannel cover, wool blanket, angora blanket, cotton blanket, fleece blanket. It's enough, I guess... I do keep one leg sticking out of the pile. You know--for balance.



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