How bout an Intelli-gel topper over a firm latex on a platform?
Jan 18, 2012 12:38 AM
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Like many of you Ive been on an epic search for a bed that doesnt kill my aging body.  I injured my back (herniated disk) last year, partly because I had a huge sinkhole in my bed.  I threw it out and slept on the floor for many months.  It worked well, until it didn't.  Now I have excruciating joint pain in shoulders/hips - Im sleeping on a foam pad over an airmattress while I try to figure this out and its torture.

I alternate between back and side sleeping. What I found after testing beds is what felt the best for the back (a medium- firm latex) crunched my shoulders/ hips when I turned to my side.   And what best cushioned shoulders/hips (an Orthogel bed) had a bit of a dip or hammock effect when i turned to my back.  It didnt seem to maintain the nice level surface - butt sank down too far (maybe liposuction for that heheh)

So... what about a combo of firm latex + the intelli-gel topper (has 2 1/2 inch of gel).  I LOVE the idea of being able to adjust it as  I go along.

And the intelligel sounds pretty good - anyone have any experience with the topper?   Wonder how the feel compares with the orthogel I tested (I think that one had 1 3/4" gel + some memory foam)

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

Am so glad I found this - my head was spinning from all the mattress sales-person's contradictory information.


Re: How bout an Intelli-gel topper over a firm latex on a platform?
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I recently tried a Nexgel bed by Natura. It was the basic model with one layer of Nexgel over 8 inches of foam. They didn't say what the foam is and no other specifications are given for the product. I did find it quite comfortable but wondered what the more advanced models would feel like. Unfortunately, the store only had the basic in stock.


I then started web searches for Nexgel and found more disappointing information than I could stand.


I am now thinking of just getting and Inteligel topper for my current bed. Is there a NexGel topper, I can't find one. It might cost less. Don't know how it would stand up compared to Inteli-Gel. I believe these products are over priced, missing a much larger market.


I like the idea of adding a topper to a block of good foam on and advanced slatted bed base. It may work better than on a platform as it would breath and supposedly adjusts to body weight in problem areas. 

The trick is getting the right foam for your body weight that is compatible with the topper.



Intelli-gel , orthogel, Nexgel, how confusing!

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