Has anyone bought a NexGel Mattress?
Jan 7, 2010 6:22 AM
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I tried this mattress at the store and I have to say it is wonderfully comfortable and supportive in the right places. At least for me.
The single layer of honeycomb gel is for people of average weight. Heavier folks can purchase two layers of the gel.

I want to buy one, but I have no idea how it holds up. The honeycomb gel is supposed to be a long lasting material.

But the inner parts of the bed are optional latex or regular foam.

Has anyone bought this mattress? And if so, how has it held up? Does it sag after a while?

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Re: Has anyone bought a NexGel Mattress?
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I bought a NEXGEL king size mattress in 2010, biggest mistake I have ever made.  Save your money if you are considering this mattress.  Sure, it's comfortable in the store, but wait until you have had it a few months.  I rotated mine just like I was suppose to and it still sags where you lay.  Nothing like waking up in the morning and finding yourself in a hammock.  It has to be rotated at least every two or three days.  My wife and me together only weigh probably around three hundred pounds.  I can imagine what it must be like for larger people.  This mattress is the biggest scam.  It should be illegal to sell such junk.  I suppose it's my own fault for not checking it out more.  When you pay a small fortune for a product you expect it to be at least half as good as it claims.  It must be filled with sand as heavy as it is.  This beast weighs a ton.  For as much as it cost it should be filled with gold.  Seems like there should be some kind of class action suit filed on this company.  If anyone is thinking about buying a NEXGEL mattress, DON'T.  I can't stress this enough, DON'T, DON'T.  I can only assume they must import these worthless pieces of crapola from China and claim to manufacture them.  I can't even imagine anyone intentionally manufacturing this torture device.  Worthless, useless, crapola.  The best thing that could happen is this company is to go belly up.  I'm surprised it is still in operation. 
Re: Has anyone bought a NexGel Mattress?
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The reason for buying a good gel mattress is that ,it is really confortable and longlasting and the main objective to buy is that it bever let your back in pain as it lets an air crossing. I should say just give it a try, u'll never think to leave it!
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Re: Has anyone bought a NexGel Mattress?
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We bought one in 2011. It was very comfortable in the store, however we learned after that he base they used in store was not the same base that came with it. That may have made a bit of a difference as our original base disintegrated within the first 5 months. This is a horrible mattress, it sags a lot. Within a few hours of being in it it feels like you are bottoming out on the platform. Pressure points especially hips. We also find it holds the heat which it was not supposed to do. We were not told about rotating at all never mind every few days. Having used it for 4 years though that now makes sense. Huge waste of money.
Re: Has anyone bought a NexGel Mattress?
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So I realize that the original question was posted over 5 years ago but I just have to put my 2 cents in because I am livid with the quality of this horrible mattress and the customer service. 2 years ago I purchased the Nex Euro Gel Latex/ Model: Ortho Gel Solutions-Ortho Gel Euro. This is Manufactured by Natura World in Canada. Within 2 months -- yes, thats 2 MONTHS- the mattress started to sag. My husband is a fit 180 lbs. 6'1 man and I am a slim 5'5&quot;, 118 lbs. woman. We literally fall in the hole when we sleep on it. BTW- we also bought a brand new high-end bedframe and also a mattress protective cover to protect from stains and rotate as recommended) We called the sales person that sold it to us (we bought it from the rep at the Las Vegas tradeshow and it was shipped to us in the U.S.) and he said that we would have to show him a picture of the indentation that is visibly greater than 3 inches deep (which was fine - I would have gladly shot a video of me rolling and falling into the deep abyss of a hole) and he said that we would be responsible for shipping it to Canada at our cost. The cost of shipping this would have been astronomical - can you imagine shipping a King sized bed that weighs (my guess) is about 1000 lbs internationally?! Needless to say, we had no choice but to keep it. It has caused us terrible back pains and uncomfortable sleep. The only solution we found was to sleep in the sagging area, like a cocoon that envelopes you. I sometimes fill the hole with a pillow or blanket. Unfortunately, our bed is not the kind you can flip over, as one of the supposed benefits of this bed is that you never have to flip it over, so there is no other side to sleep on. The best we can do is to alternate, as one side seems to sag worse than the other. I highly do NOT recommend this brand/company. Please look elsewhere. Our mattress just ate and swallowed our money :(<br>Materials consists of: Polyurethane Foam pad 42%, Gel pad 34%, Latex Foam Rubber pad 23%, blended Fiber batting 1%. Which is supposed to be the best of the Euro series and the 2nd best of their entire line and cost us (from what I recall) about $2000-$3000) and we had to pay shipping to the US. Horrible mattress. Horrible business practice.
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