Is Green Sleep Dolcezza and custom dowel foundation really worth the money?
Nov 17, 2012 4:10 PM
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My wife and I are replacing a 15 year old King size coil mattress. We want something non-toxic so we started looking at GreenSleep beds. I weigh 140, my wife weighs 125. I have some lower back and hips problems. We both sleep on our sides. We never would have considered spending $7000 for a bed until we tried a GreenSleep Dolcezza. It was quite remarkable. We have also tried a Savvy Rest...we didn't think it compared.

We're just wondering if people who have more experience with high quality latex beds can share any insights with us. For example, is it really worth spending $2,000 of the GreenSleep custom foundation? The bed we tried was on the foundation and we don't know how different it would feel if it were just on slats. If you have any experience with this we'd love to hear from you.

Re: Is Green Sleep Dolcezza and custom dowel foundation really worth the money?
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Jakeeagle wrote:

Hey Crock, can you say anything more about "pushback"? You seem knowledgable about mattresses and I'm trying to avoid making a mistake, so I appreciate any other comments you have. When I read your message it sounds like putting the Dolcezza on slat may create better body alignment, but not feel quite as good. Is that right? And is there any way to determine if one's alignment on a bed is good or not? Thanks for your input, best I've had so far.

Without dismissing the pushback observation, I'll suggest that flexible slats... or slats placed for their different firmness in particular zones... may be intended to vary the firmness in those particular zones (targeted sag) to improve the force contouring such that you body shape rests in the Latex with your body weight/forces balanced so that your body profile is most at ease (spine comfortably aligned/supported).  A given layer of Latex (or anything) cannot fine-tune this balance, so being able to adjust it from below could help improve the support profile for your body weight and shape distribution from head-to-foot, for ONE sleep position, maybe TWO, but probably not all THREE.  The traditional approach to this profiling is one size fits all, no adjustment.

If the cost is outrageous and the solution is partial i.e. I sleep in all positions, I would prefer the traditional approach.  If otherwise, I would inspect any slat end mechanics/plastic to determine if they are designed to last very long.


Re: Is Green Sleep Dolcezza and custom dowel foundation really worth the money?
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Not sure where you are but you may want to see if there is a SuiteSleep retailer in your area you can try out. The Vesta is a European Style sleep system like the Dolcezza. Well worth the time to compare. The thickness in the cover will definately seperate either from the Savvy so if you are back at a Savvy Dealer spend some time and try the Serenity 10in with a woll topper. Again will not be exact at the Greensleep but will make a big differance. Best of luck you are looking at some great products.

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