Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
May 31, 2013 4:29 PM
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I've been researching talalay latex mattresses for about a week.  There isn't anyplace where I live that I can try one out, except for Jamestown Mattress, and they don't do the layering thing.

I've read good reviews of FloBeds and Sleep EZ, and i also have been looking at Foam Sweet Foam.  FloBeds charges about $600-$700 more (plus $99 shipping) for the same mattress that the other 2 carry.  It does have the V-zone which I don't need.  As far as returns, etc, they all have different policies, but is it worth that much money?

We both are excited about getting a latex mattress since we've been sleeping in the ruts of our aging Kingsdown pillowtop.  Husband did like the feel of Prana (don't think I'd trust that line) and the one at Jamestown, but we both prefer the layers.

Anyone want to chime in on the pricing issue?  Is one company any better than the other?


Re: Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
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Actually I was comparing the SleepEZ 10,000 with FB Deluxe.  Again, I'm not sure if the extra 2" topper is necessary.
Re: Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
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 I think the 10,000 compares closer to the select ? Anyhow, i actually called flobeds when i was tossing the idea around of buying online, and asked why they were more expensive, they explained the policies they have and product.. and were rather convincing, however were willing to make me a mattress without the convoluted topper.. in short i believe you'll find Flobed to be worth it.. and the select vs the 10,000 is within 100$ with natural talalay

just my 2 cents..


Re: Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
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When I spoke to Flobeds, I was told that the Vzone is comparable to the Sleep EZ 13000, while the Sleep EZ 10000 was comparable to Flobed's Deluxe.

Unfortunately I am having to return my Flobeds, as it did not work for me.  However, this was just an individual preference issue, and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of their products and their customer service.  I only ever spoke with Dewey, but he was always helpful and the company went out of their way to try to make the bed work for me.  So IMHO, Flobeds is worth the extra money, particulary given their quality and their willingness to go the extra mile to get their customers a good night's sleep.

Re: Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
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It’s hard to make a value judgement for someone else, they may have different values and budget. However, I am quite glad I spent the extra money.<BR><BR>We bought an Eastern King Vzone.<BR><BR>I am very glad we bought it, and my wife loves it also.<BR><BR>I am 6 ft, 190 lbs. My wife is 5 ft, 122 lbs.<BR><BR>We are in our late sixties with minor joint and muscle issues.<BR>One of the great things about the VZone is how it can be adjusted for different needs.<BR><BR>Flobeds is great to work with. My wife originally had trouble with her shoulder, and they offered to custom make a super soft piece at the shoulder zone for her at no charge. Her body adapted after several weeks without doing that and she really likes the mattress.<BR><BR>She originally was against spending that kind of money, but I went ahead and did it – knowing that if it had to go back, I had 100 days and would only be paying the freight – which seemed fair to me. About a month later, she commented to me “ you really called a good one with the mattress!”<BR><BR>For the last seven years or so we had been sleeping on pretty high quality S company high coil count with memory foam pillow tops.<BR><BR>It did take longer than I expected to get used to the slightly “bouncy” quality of latex, vs the “dead” aspect of the previous memory foam topper.<BR><BR>And it seemed to take my wife’s shoulders and hips longer to adjust than I expected. All in all, probably roughly a month for each of us.<BR><BR>We have had it roughly six months. <BR><BR>We sleep better, and feel better when we arise.<BR><BR>Works for us. Doesn’t work for everybody. However, my understanding is that they only have about five percent that return during the first 100 days.<BR>

Bedelia550 wrote:
It does have the V-zone which I don&#39;t need.

I'm not so sure as to most people not doing better with the vzone.

We all have hips, shoulders, heels and various protrusions.

Maybe you need one less if you sleep on your back? But, as side sleepers the vzone is working great for us.
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Re: Is FloBeds worth the extra money?
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After talking with my wife, and a few days more time to think about it.

We are doing much, much better with the flobeds Vzone than any previous mattress, granted that the previous mattress had come to the end of it’s useful life. The memory foam topper had become sloppy and dipped in the center.

My wife had been having frequent back problems that have almost disappeared. This was a problem for her on a daily basis prior to buying the Vzone.

Her back bothered her a little yesterday, and she commented it was the first time in months.

I had been having several ongoing minor complaints with arm and shoulder issues prior to this purchase.

Completely gone.

We are side sleepers.

Also, I'm beginning to think Flobeds has got the “mattress estimator” thing worked out pretty good.

We have always had firm or extra firm mattresses, and believed we did better on a really firm mattress. And, I slept OK on a pretty firm one while we were on vacation.

Flobeds recommendation was a good bit softer than we expected given our historical preference, and they shipped with a firmer bottom layer that we moved higher for our preference. Even so, each side is a good bit softer than what we were used to.

I stated before, it took a good bit longer to get used to than I thought. And, neither she or I got up one morning and wrote down a note saying “wow, today we finally got used to the mattress.” It was gradual thing that kept improving, and even once it got a lot better has been improving more slowly.

My wife’s side is much softer than mine, and while I moved the bottom xfirm layer higher initially, I’m thinking about moving it back down for a trail now that I am more accustomed to the softer overall feel.

I am also starting to think that the top convoluted 2” layer that covers the entire bed and goes over the VZone also does a good bit to relieve pressure points and contributes to how well the mattress performs. While I am not sure about the benefits for someone that sleeps only on their back, I also think that the Vzone contributes a great deal to how the mattress works for us. Each side of our Vzones are configured differently.

Heh, heh. Noticed last night as I went to bed how welcoming and comfortable the thought of getting into bed is.

All in all, I am extremely happy with our purchase. Obviously, no one type is right for everyone. We did find the right one for us.

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