Curious about Stearns and Foster mattresses
Sep 6, 2009 7:57 PM
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Can anyone explain this stuff from Stearns and Foster's web site? ( )

They state:
"Divinely Indulgent Sleep Surface.
Working in tandem with our IntelliCoil design, our new proprietary cushioning materials (called Variable Response Technology®) give you relief where you feel the most pressure while you sleep: on your shoulders, hips and knees. No more tingly hands. No more painful backaches in the morning."

Sounds great, but I could not find any specs as to what their proprietary cushioning materials are. Is it PU foam? Is it at least HR or M-grade? or is just cheap PU? Or is there no pu, only latex? (I doubt that) Does proprietary mean they won't tell us, or does it mean only that they have a patent or something on it?

Also, they apparently make their own springs and their springs look interesting to say the least... but what gauge are they? . Are they individual pocket coils or regular type - more like Bonnell? Hard to tell from their description. I wonder how many coils per Queen...

Anyone who knows, I'd be curious of the above questions, particularly whether or not they use pu foam in them, and how much pu foam would be found in their firmer mattresses?
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Re: Curious about Stearns and Foster mattresses
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Steam & Foster seems too costly to me.

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