Comfortaire, Innerspring + topper, or other for 200lb side and back sleeper?I
Apr 15, 2012 7:58 PM
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Hey all, whats up?  I have been looking into getting a new matress for awhile now and I am having a lot of trouble coming to a conclusion, so I would like to thank you in advance for any help. 


Here is the relevant info


- I am a musclar 200lbs

- More weight in hip area

- I sleep on my side and back

- I sleep hot

- I have a tempurpedic (unsure what model) now that sags at my hips when on my back, is too firm in the shoulder area when on my side, and is too hot

- I am not looking to spend over $1000 and would prefer closer to $700

- I am looking for a Queen size


My question is which type of mattress is more suitable for someone with my weight distribution that likes to sleep on both my side and my back?  Can an innerspring be soft enough for side sleeping yet firm enough for back sleeping? Airbeds seem to be most versatile in this respect but I have read something (on this forum I believe) which said otherwise due to the nature of the type of support airbeds provide.  I have also heard that if your hips sink into an air mattress that air will be displaced, creating pressure elsewhere, usually in the shoulders.  Is this true?  Are there any other options I should be considering?


Some background info 

I have tried a sleep number bed at the mall and absolutely loved it.  I felt that "melting" sensation in my lower back that people talk about when your muscles feel your spine is supported and release.  I didn't try lying on my sides much.  If I end up getting an airbed it will probably be a Comfortaire since I have read they are basically the same thing except you do not have to pay for sleep numbers marketing.  Also Comfortaire has a 60 no risk return policy and they pay return shipping so this option is no risk. 

I also had a pleasant experience on my sisters $500 generic guest bedroom innerspring mattress that has a wool topper on it.  I have not been able to replicate this experience in the mattress stores I have visited.  The closest I have come is with the Original Mattress Factory Otho Firm and Plush models, however I haven't tried them with a wool topper.  One thing I do not like about this option is OMF's return policy is essentially an exchange policy with a hefty "restocking" fee, so there is a bit of risk if I go this route. 


Once again thanks for the help and have a nice day/night everyone!

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Re: Comfortaire, Innerspring + topper, or other for 200lb side and back sleeper?I
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My husband has the same stats that you do and we had a lot of luck with a furniture store in Overland Park, KS (where we live). They were really helpful in looking at what our needs are and then evaluating what we needed from there. Since you're a hot sleeper (I am too) I definitely would stay away from a memory foam mattress since I've heard that they retain heat. Anyway if you're in our area I would definitely consider looking into Ormans 3 Day and seeing what their custom mattresses are. Like I said, they were a big help to us and they might deliver to you- you'd just have to check :)
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