Choosing the right organic mattress...
Nov 19, 2018 2:00 PM
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Make sure...

...that the mattress you are buying has a quality certificate. Be especially cautious if obsessive advertising insists on the use of an organic mattress because sometimes the word "organic" is nothing more than a marketing move in such ads, an advertising trick that has little to do with reality.

Some important points while choosing the best organic mattress:

1 The mattress has several layers or levels. You can take a tight latex mattress, but the top layer of it should be softer that it is comfortable to sleep on it.
2 Choose the mattress with a wool top layer that will effectively absorb moisture from the body. This layer should have antibacterial properties and protect from fire.
3 Carefully inspect the mattress before buying for the presence of glue, paint, synthetics, which is easily ignited.
4 Mattress pads can be either woolen or cotton.
5 Buy the mattress on which it will be comfortable to sleep. The spring is a choice of conservatives, it is accessible and widely distributed. However, latex foam has greater hardness, resistance to deformation and non-toxicity.
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Re: Choosing the right organic mattress...
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If you are talking about organic mattress I would recommend a lull mattress as I have my own experience with it. Lull mattresses are manufactured in the united state they are providing high-quality sleeping experience at a reasonable price. Here you can find some important points about lull mattress. First, The first and top layer of the Lull Mattress is a 1.5”viscoelastic memory foam infused with gel. Second, The second layer of these Lull Mattresses is made from common memory foam. Third, Lull mattress covered in handcrafted, highly-premium cover which provides flexibility and comfort.
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