Carpe Diem OMG!
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neiman: I passed on the McRoskey and spent $2k on a Savvy Rest.  And another $2500 on an awesom bed and nightstand.  I don't have to watch every penny I spend and over the years I've learned that buying cheap crap doesn't pay.  When shopping for big ticket items, it seems that you generally get what you pay for, but only up to a point.  I like to try to find this inflection point where I am purchasing a quality product that has good value for the dollar.  When I went bed shopping, I looked around at Crate and Barrel at the plain, wood platform beds.  After looking underneath the mattresses and inspecting closely, I discovered that any bed under $1100-$1200 was manufactured wood or had bad support.  When I found that I was going to have to spend $1500 to get something acceptable, I decided to splurge and spend $2k on <a href="">this bed</a>.  I splurged and got the matching side table.  The bed will last two lifetimes and I'm glad I decided to get the side table.  Given how poorly constructed some beds are, I think I got a steal on the bed!

I admit I don't know anything about Carpe Diem, but I find it difficult to imagine that a $13k has that much more to offer than a bed in the $4-5k price range.  Perhaps someone can explain what makes these beds so expensive.


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DoreenA wrote:

Everyone has different priorities, but one thing I know is that the older you get, the more important a comfortable bed becomes!

I'm finding that to be the case, even at 50, which isn't all that old. I intended to be done spending $ on my bed after I get my toppers right, but after waking up all stuffed-up this morning (& many mornings) and waking up all clammy (will never understand how I can be cold & sweaty at the same time), I'm now looking at latex or latex-and-wool pillows and at wool mattress pads. (I might just use a wool blanket as a mattress pad.) Good sleep is important.

sleepswithcats wrote:

When I found that I was going to have to spend $1500 to get something acceptable, I decided to splurge and spend $2k on <a href="">this bed</a>. 

Oooooh, pretty! smiley

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Seven years ago we bought a natural latex mattress with a phenomenal topper at Ergo in Southern Ca. It was a great bed ... until the wool topper started to wear out. I noticed I was (for years!) increasingly not sleeping well. 


We then moved to Connecticut and toyed with buying a new topper to replace the old. It would have been nearly $1000.

THEN we started shopping. We tried a natural latex bed from another local manufacturer, but couldn't get it just right. We shopped around at higher end stores and got close to going the Kluft route, but after going the alternative route with the latex -- it just didn't feel right. (at the time we were in the $3,000 to $6000 category.)

THEN... on a lark we stumbled into the Sleep Etc store in Stamford. Paul the manager showed us what he had. Nothing seemed to interest us.

THEN... he suggested we try the Carpe Diem, which were WAY out of our price range. (Turns out they were the national CD distributor.)

We have never looked back. We bought one and at the age of 59 I can tell you that for the past three months my wife and I have never slept better. This is, without a doubt, THE BEST bed I have ever slept in. Period. Nothing comes close.

Best part: I'm sleeping through the night again! It sounds totally corny and promotinal, but it's true. Somehow they removed all levels of pressure. I justified the price by reminding myself i spend 6-7 hours a night in the bed and it'll likely be the last bed I ever buy. I'll have to replace the topper, but ... it's the quality of sleep that counts. The worst part about this bed: I hate to get out of it in the morning. 

I'm not in any way associated with Sleep Etc. or Carpe Diem. I'm just a guy who has shopped for beds for years. I consider myself an educated mattress shopper. Like many of you (us) we experienced failures with traditional beds as the qaulity started to deteriorate. (One too many Sterns & Fosters!)

We're so sold on this bed that we recently replaced an older traditional bed in our guest room with ... a Carpe Diem. Just couldn't bring ourselves to buy anything else. Lots of money, but worth it.

My prediction is that Carpe Diem and premium beds, in general, will increasingly capture a larger chunk of the bedding market, mostly by world-of-mouth.

Happy shopping!

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