Buying online without trying
Mar 21, 2012 2:09 AM
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I read several posts and almost everyone is buying latex beds online. 

Are latex beds available in retail stores in dallas city in Texas?

Re: Buying online without trying
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You should try The Mattress Factory in Fort Worth. ( )


Sleep Craft in Lewisville. ( )

While you were critical of me in another post for being vague it is because I want to stimulate people's interest in finding local manufacturers like the one's listed above. As you will see when you check their sites they are dedicated to great products and the prices are excellent blowing away companies like TempurPedic and the S's. Sleep Craft even lists the fact they use Texas grown cotton.

Hope this helps as they have good prices for good latex mattresses.

Re: Buying online without trying
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I'm starting to look at buying online.  So far I've found a couple online companies and the reviews seem to be very positive.  I Iive in NYC and the last thing I want to do is go to one of the brickandmortar stores that seem to have a monopoly here.  I definitely like the value proposition of getting a high quality mattress for significant savings by buying online.  I will continue to do my research however, so far so good with a couple of these companies. 

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