Box Spring vs. Foundation
Jul 7, 2011 2:07 PM
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Hello, I recently purchased a new mattress (Medium firmness rating) and I put it on my old box spring.  Everything was ok, no complaints, but then a wood beam on the box spring snapped and began to sag to the side.

As a result I put the mattress on the floor until I can get a new box spring.  But now that the mattress is on the floor it's much firmer and uncomfortable.

I've been reading that nowadays they sell more "Foundations" than "Box Springs".  Is a  Foundation just a box of wood that's equivalent to putting your mattress on the floor?  Or is a foundation similar to a regular box spring and doesn't make a mattress very firm (like when it's put in the floor)?



Re: Box Spring vs. Foundation
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yahquinn wrote:

The general public typically doesn't understand what the difference is between a boxspring and solid wood foundation because many modern bedding manufacturers have skewed consumer perception.

Because gravity exists, a true boxspring is absolutely essential to extend the life of your mattress. A boxspring absorbs the shock of the mattress and helps prevent body impressions. Meanwhile, a solid wood foundation provides no give, which means your mattress takes on all the burden of body weight and shock. 

Here's a pretty decent article that provides more information on the benefits of a true boxspring:

A boxspring makes sense for an innerspring mattress, but it remains doubtful that a boxspring is advisable for a 100% Latex mattress.  It is certainly not required for comfort.  And it may not improve the life a 100% Latex foam rubber mattress.


Re: Box Spring vs. Foundation
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A box spring usually a wooden frame that designed to allocate and absorb weight on the mattress. A structure of a large number of heavy gauge wire coils is attached to the frame as the mattress supporting system.

On the other hand, foundation is similarly a wooden frame with slats, but it is covered in cloth and similar in look to box springs.

They act differently from each other. Box springs are planned more for shock absorption and fewer for support, foundations are intended to simply support the mattresses.

I hope you can understand my point..... :)

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