Bedding for Adjustable Eastern King Tempurpedic Cloud
Dec 20, 2010 10:36 PM
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My husband and I are contemplating purchasing a Tempurpedic Cloud adjustable eastern king bed.  It seems more than a luxury to us, as we are in our mid sixties, with the usual aches and pains of folks who have been active all their lives.  Here is the problem.  The retailer we are looking out said there is ample bedding out there in the retail market for these beds at all price points.  I have done lots of research and have found no retail outlet I just just walk into in my area and buy sheets, comforters, or a bedspread. I have found a few online sites that specialize in custom made sheets for this type of bed and, of course, these are pricey.  Is there anyone out there who owns such a bed and has found bedding for it that could be a resource for us?  (Note:  The adjustable bed has two twin mattresses and a bar at the end of each that makes a dust ruffle/comforter somewhat problematic, as well as the possible need for a bedspread of an appropriate size).  Thanks, in advance, for any helpful input.
Re: Bedding for Adjustable Eastern King Tempurpedic Cloud
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While this is not about the bedding it may save you a little if you go in this direction. The Tempur-Pedic adjustable is the same model as the Reverie Deluxe (with a little different layout for the controller) which are available here for the lowest price I found anywhere (I purchased a queen). May save you a few hundred over paying "Tempur" prices.


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