Axel Bloom Adjustable Bed
Jul 10, 2011 10:08 PM
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My husband and I just bought Axel Bloom adjustable beds (2 twin XLs) and while it's only been a few nights since we've slept on them, the beds appear to be worth every penny we paid for them.  They were expensive, relative to buying a Beautyrest mattress and box spring, but less expensive than the Kluft system I saw advertised for $23,000.  And right now we would say that the Kluft bed couldn't be any more comfortable than the Axel Bloom, plus the AB is adjustable while the Kluft is not.  Overall, the AB beds (frame and mattress) have the trim outline of a platform bed:  the frame consists of Tectel cushion elements, each of which is about as wide as an open hand.  The mattresses, made of breatheable foam, rest on the cushion elements and themselves are about 8 inches deep.  It's very easy to make the beds, just as it's very easy to move the beds around.  That's all there is to the system:  a frame and a mattress.  But the technology makes the system.  The motor is very quiet; there is no creaking and no groaning as the bed adjusts.  And unlike the latex bed that was put out to the curb this bed generates no heat thanks to the ventilations channels that go through the foam mattress.  As for comfort:  hard to believe that mattresses that are as thin as these are could be so comfortable.  But they are.  Will they hold up over time?  The latex bed lasted 4 years (if that) and sagged so badly that we flipped it over.  We expect the AB beds to do better than that.


The Axel Bloom showroom is located in west Los Angeles so we were able to see the beds and talk to Yong Lee (the president of the company).  He answered every question and let us convince ourselves that it was the bed for us.  There is no 30 day trial period and they do not accept returns so they do stress that you take your time in making your decision to buy.  They ship all over the country.  If you're interested, check out their website at 

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My wife and I live in South Florida and recently bought the adjustable Split Queen AB bed, We love seeing the positive reviews on the system. We are excited to receive it in a couple of weeks.

Our question: we bought the 800 mattress 8" thick and are having a hard time finding split sheets w/ a shallow pocket. Suggestions? or shall we buy the only ones we can find (good for 12-18") and use mattress tensioning straps underneath to keep the fitted sheets taught?

Rod, Rhonda

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