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Jun 29, 2009 8:29 PM
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The saga begins.  I bought the foam from Foam Factory,  I had seen mixed reviews on this site, but the price was right.  Thank you for your help.

I ordered last monday (6-22-09), it arrived today, 7 days after the order.  Based on things I saw on this forum this weekend, I weighed the boxes before opening.

Here's what I ordered, top to bottom, with my calculated estimate what the weight should be:

$145  76x80x2" Memory Foam 4.5 lb King  31.6 lb
$252  76x80x3" Memory Foam 5.5 lb King, 58 lb 
$  50  80"x76"x2.5" Lux-R egg crate, 8.1 lb.  (I assume a 2.5" egg crate is 50% air, 50% foam)
$163  80"x76"x4" Lux HQ foam, 40.4 lb.

OK, great.  The shipping memo said total ship weight was 142 lb, I calculated 138 lb, we're happy.

Today the foam arrived, and I weighed them.  Flipping the bed upside down, I will start with the bottom layer first.  My happiness drops as I go up in the foam.

Weight of the boxes, as calculated, printed on the boxes, and weighed, then calculated density from the measured weight

Layer                 calc wt           Ship wt     Actual wt             Density
4" Lux-HQ:          40.4 lb          42 lb           39 lb                  2.70 lb/cf   OK< nominally 2.8 but I can deal.
2.5" egg crate      8.1 lb            13 lb            8 lb                  1.78 lb/cf   note this is the only one that was not in the box when weighed.  Nominally 1.8, OK.
5.5 lb memory    58 lb              56 lb         48 lb                   4.54 lb/cf   So the 5.5 lb foam is really 4.5?  Not what I ordered.
4.5 lb memory    31 lb              31 lb         13 lb                   1.84 lb/cf  NOT A TYPO!  And still in the box.  It felt the same weight as the egg crate but it's much bigger.

Customer support opens at 10 AM EDT tomorrow; I will be phoning.  I have opened the base and egg crate, they are airing out.  They are keepers.  The memory foam layers are still in their boxes so I can return them easily.

Their "5.5" lb foam was 4.5 lb; their "4.5" was 1.8!!  I will report how well their customer support responds.

Thanks for all the help you already gave me, this site is a wonderful resource.
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Looking 4 a bed -


We had our mattress from the initial post, to July 2016 when we moved.  Our foam held up just fine over that time; we simply decided it was old enough to start fresh and not move it.


So far as packing it to return it, stuff it into a "contractor grade" garbage bag, shove a vacuum cleaner nozzle into the bag, and let nature take it's course.  Only slightly less professional than what they do in the first place!


- M

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Also, when we moved, Amazon had a sale on cheapo mattresses; we bought 2.  They are under 2 years old, and are pretty well shot.

Back in the day, I spent $900 for mix and match, and got enough foam for two beds and a sofa upgrade.  The mattresses lasted 7 years and were going strong.  Two years ago, I spent $320 for two mattresses which are shot now.

I'm back on this forum expressly to find out what I bought 9 years ago, I'm pretty much buying it again.  And Foambymail is still in business, so I'll go with them not out of any loyalty per se, but just because I was happy with their product for a long time, and until I see they have changed, I'll keep sending them my business.

Expect a minor update in a couple months...


- M

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