Aerus 2.5" 5lb memory foam topper VS 3" FBM 5lb memory foam topper
Apr 7, 2013 12:20 AM
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Hi everyone,

Well I bought this mattress from for $300:

The first couple weeks -- I loved it! So comfortable, wonderful... but now, it's like the foam has softened and doesn't have any "memory" anymore... it's just soft as can be and not at all supportive. It's absolutely terrible now to sleep on...

So, I'm thinking about spending more money and buying a memory foam topper of better quality that will last, and I can just put on top of this mattress. I'm looking at these two:

Aerus 2.5" 5lb memory foam topper from Sam's Club:

3" 5lb memory foam topper from

I've heard that CostCo/Sams foam is actually cheap foam (even if the brand is the same), so I definitely don't want to get screwed again. I know that FBM is not universally liked, so I also looked at the Sensus 5lb memory foam topper from Rocky Mountain Mattress (, but it's a little more expensive. If the other ones are garbage compared to this one I'll spend the extra money... I just don't want to get cheap foam again.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Aerus 2.5" 5lb memory foam topper VS 3" FBM 5lb memory foam topper
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You said that FBM isn't universally liked? May I ask why? I was planning on buying a 4 lbs. memory foam topper from them. I've been very impressed with Chris who has answered all my emails in great detail. He's really educated me about memory foam! Is there something else that I should be knowing about FBM?

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