Adjustable Bed Advice
Jun 19, 2011 6:12 PM
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  I'm just jumping into the latex bed market and am going to go with an adjustable base (Dual/Split king)

I have a few questions that I hope some of the fine folks here can help me with.

I'm looking at the Leggett and Platt S-Cape, Leggett and Platt Prodigy, Ergomotion 400, and Reverie Deluxe Beds.

As far as I can tell, the S-Cape, Ergomotion 400, and Reverie Deluxe are all very very similar.  The weight limits on the Reverie seems to be a bit less than the S-cape (even with the DC motor).  I have noticed that both the Reverie and Ergomotion are significantly cheaper than the S-Cape online though.  The weight limit is a concern as a latex bed (half of one) is around 100lbs for a twin XL.  If the Reverie has a weight limit of 300lbs on a twin, that only leaves 200lbs for a person, which I exceed.  The S-Cape and Ergomotion appear to be around 400lbs (DC on S-Cape) which should be plenty.   

I can find the S-Cape online for around $2100, the Ergomotion 400 for around $1500, and the Reverie Deluxe for around $1900.  The prodigy looks to be around $3000.

1. Can anyone compare these beds from any practical experience with them? Quality? Ease of use?  Noise?  Features that I haven't noticed that make a difference in real world use?

2. Does anyone have a Prodigy?  Do you think the extra features are proving to be worth an extra $1000?

3. Are Leggett and Platt beds that much better for some reason that they are so much more expensive?

4. Any suggestions on the best reliable place to get a good price on these adjustables?

5. Has anyone used the platform version of the S-Cape?  It looks a to be significantly lower profile....

Thanks for your responses and help.

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Re: Adjustable Bed Advice
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I love how helpful everyone is at this forum. It's a true pleasure. I finally got around to sign up.


Sall wrote:

Here are a couple of web sites from others on this forum which were recommended:



I bought our S-capes from Original Mattress Factory with the latex mattresses.  It works fine and is fairly quiet but you aren't running them all night.  I really didn't do a comparison.  I've "heard" that the L&P S-cape were good but didn't do any real comparison or much research.  OMF wouldn't sell the adjustable bed without the mattress.  The local back store would have but it would have been a little more expensive that way so we went with the OMF one.  On line may be the best way to get the least expensive one.  I think our TXL versions with a latex mattress were about $2000 or slightly less each.  We used them to replace a King size bed and mattress.


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