Adjustable Bed Advice
Jun 19, 2011 6:12 PM
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  I'm just jumping into the latex bed market and am going to go with an adjustable base (Dual/Split king)

I have a few questions that I hope some of the fine folks here can help me with.

I'm looking at the Leggett and Platt S-Cape, Leggett and Platt Prodigy, Ergomotion 400, and Reverie Deluxe Beds.

As far as I can tell, the S-Cape, Ergomotion 400, and Reverie Deluxe are all very very similar.  The weight limits on the Reverie seems to be a bit less than the S-cape (even with the DC motor).  I have noticed that both the Reverie and Ergomotion are significantly cheaper than the S-Cape online though.  The weight limit is a concern as a latex bed (half of one) is around 100lbs for a twin XL.  If the Reverie has a weight limit of 300lbs on a twin, that only leaves 200lbs for a person, which I exceed.  The S-Cape and Ergomotion appear to be around 400lbs (DC on S-Cape) which should be plenty.   

I can find the S-Cape online for around $2100, the Ergomotion 400 for around $1500, and the Reverie Deluxe for around $1900.  The prodigy looks to be around $3000.

1. Can anyone compare these beds from any practical experience with them? Quality? Ease of use?  Noise?  Features that I haven't noticed that make a difference in real world use?

2. Does anyone have a Prodigy?  Do you think the extra features are proving to be worth an extra $1000?

3. Are Leggett and Platt beds that much better for some reason that they are so much more expensive?

4. Any suggestions on the best reliable place to get a good price on these adjustables?

5. Has anyone used the platform version of the S-Cape?  It looks a to be significantly lower profile....

Thanks for your responses and help.

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Re: Adjustable Bed Advice
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I'm sure I'm too late as you must have bought something by now, but for others that may be interested:

We got the Land P Prodigy.  The snore feature is definitely a bit gimmicky, because you need to get your hands on your partners remote to activate it, and of course that is on their bedside table, not yours.  I mistakenly thought my remote would activate his bed, but not so.  Also as far as the iPhone being able to be used as a remote (which is also in their marketing), sure if you want to spend a few extra hundred dollars on some kind of receiver to attach to the bed.  It's not actually installed and included.  Sneaky buggers.  


Still, though it may be just as easy to use the ol elbow for snoring still (besides, I did try activating the snoring function and it does seem to wake the person up momentarily anyway), and the iPhone stuff is misleading, we love our Prodigy.  Might just be that thrill thing you get knowing you bought the top of the line, but they are really excellent bases.  Ours only cost around $1800 from CSD (mattresses extra obviously- $4500 all up), so didn't cost any more than most places charge for the older models.  


All in all I don't know if it is in reality any better than the S-Cape for day to day use, but for the price we got it, it doesn't matter.  We love how they operate, and I even like the massage.  I thought the massage was going to be a gimmick for sure.  Even trying it in the store didn't do too much to impress me.  But actually I really like it now.  I turn it on in the morning, and it seems to get my blood going and I find it both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  It's strong enough to leave me with a pleasant buzzing feeling that lasts a few minutes afterwards.  I particularly like the wave feature.


I also noticed there was a dearth of independent info out there when I was looking to buy an adjustable base.  I didn't even know for sure if they weren't going to be a stupid annoyance after a while.  I can wholeheartedly say that I would never willingly go back to a flat bed.  Although we both sleep on them flat, I find the different positions that we use the bed in both highly practical: sitting up to have a cup of tea/coffee, reclining to read/watch tv, feet up to relieve lower back pain.  You're always propped up in a way that doesn't cause you to  bend your back in an uncomfortable and damaging way as can happen with regular pillows.


  This is from someone who obviously loves to spend a lot of my leisure time in the bedroom on the bed.  I read, use my iPad, we watch movies, as well as have our fruit and morning coffee here, and evening tea and snacks while watching Netflix.  This may be unusual, and if you're not like me, it may not be worth the purchase.  But for someone who loves a good nest, this is it.  Get yourself the right kind of bedding and ahhhhhh.  Heaven.

Re: Adjustable Bed Advice
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Thanks Trigger!

  That helps a great deal.

We're leaning toward the Prodigy as well.  The weight limit it can handle is much larger than any of the other beds, and the alarm features seem like they'd be nice.  I agree the snooze and Iphone items seem gimicky.  I've found a seller that's just a little more than you quoted that's local.  I kind of wish they had a platform version like they do with the S-Cape.

A follow on problem I've realized is that apparently getting sheets & bed skirts for an adjustable bed is a big ordeal.

Any luck with finding quality versions of either?

Re: Adjustable Bed Advice
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Sorry about the delayed response.  I use an iPad all the time these days, and for some reason the post section doesn't trigger the keyboard to come up, so I have to write my post in 'notes' then copy and paste.  PITA!


On the sheets question.  Well, I'm a real comfort person.  My husband once told me he's never met someone so devoted to their own personal comfort as me.  I'm not sure whether that's good or bad!  Sounds kind of indulgent.  But anyway, I've done a lot of research on feathering the best nest, or in this case, finding the most divinely comforting sheets on the planet.  Well, we have a big old bed frame from New Orleans that my husband bought when he lived there which has side panels around that don't allow a bedskirt, so that's not an issue for us.  I've seen them on specialty sheet sites that come up from typing 'twin xl' into the search engine.  For sheets, how long have you got?  I could write a novel.  Getting quality sheets to fit the twin xl mattresses is no problem.  Just depends what you like.


If you're a fan of soft and silky, low maintenance sheets, I can suggest the lyocell ones from Sandra's site, which I think is called Snuggledown.  She also sells those great Dormier wool mattress protectors that people here (including me) love.  The twin xl lyocell sheets she sells are a very good price for Lyocell which tends to be expensive, are well made with elastic all around and stay on well.  I believe their made by DeWoolfson.  I have a lot of their bedding (down comforters/pillows etc) and can vouch for the quality.  Just white, which I find great for sheets.


If you love to sleep cool and in a true luxury, I can't speak of my love for linen sheets enough.  These days I've gotten quite a collection of antique French linen and to my utmost joy have found that even non-fitted sheets work perfectly well on the adjustable beds.  The heavy weight of the latex keeps the sheets in place perfectly.  So I've been sleeping in the bliss that antique linen provides.  However I can tell you about a fantastic guy in NY who has a company called Linoto.  He made us absolutely beautiful quality twin xl fitted sheets for a VERY reasonable price for linen.  They will last a lifetime, and I can't describe just why linen is so great, but it just feels healthy, breathable, dry, silky.  Keep in mind that new linen needs a bit of a break in period.  It can be a bit exfoliating to begin with!  After a few washes (with Linoto's it was just two washes and a bit of sleeping in them) they soften up and just get better from there.


I bought some of the most expensive sheets on the market.  One of my favorite for cottons is Sferra.  I bought their top quality Giza 45, and though I discovered linen soon after that outrageous outlay, I know the duvet cover will continue to get plenty of use in the winter time, as linen could never be so fine and light, which makes our duvet float on us like a cloud.  Linen is heavier and I bet would weigh the duvet down a bit.  But for summer, it's linen, linen, linen.  


Hope I didn't respond too late, and that my suggestions as to where to find twin xl sheets helps.  I never bought anything from those specialty sheet sites as they look cheesy.  A far as bedskirts, if you're going to try the linen, you could ask Linoto to make them to your requirements as he custom makes all the bedding.  

Re: Adjustable Bed Advice
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I love how helpful everyone is at this forum. It's a true pleasure. I finally got around to sign up.


Sall wrote:

Here are a couple of web sites from others on this forum which were recommended:



I bought our S-capes from Original Mattress Factory with the latex mattresses.  It works fine and is fairly quiet but you aren't running them all night.  I really didn't do a comparison.  I've "heard" that the L&P S-cape were good but didn't do any real comparison or much research.  OMF wouldn't sell the adjustable bed without the mattress.  The local back store would have but it would have been a little more expensive that way so we went with the OMF one.  On line may be the best way to get the least expensive one.  I think our TXL versions with a latex mattress were about $2000 or slightly less each.  We used them to replace a King size bed and mattress.


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