is 3 inches of latex enough to sleep on?
Apr 25, 2011 10:52 PM
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Would a 3 inch latex mattress topper be enough to sleep on if placed on a hard surface, or would I feel the surface through it? If I was to use only this as a mattress, what would be the best firmness?
Re: is 3 inches of latex enough to sleep on?
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This is a fantastic question as most people tend to gravitate either towards a 8" or a 12" mattress, it seems like the value in a thinner mattress is lost. The primary reason is not the disinterest of consumers to try but our beds are all too deep in its expectation of box spring and then the foam/spring core on.
Centuries of human usage has recommended that a tight mattress leads to a better spine and a proper posture. Even to this day, so called lesser developed part of humanity use thinner mattress cores with greater success.. this is not a coincidence that the most common ailment in the US is back pain or its variety.

Coming back to your erudite question, yes you can not only use a topper as a mattress without it feeling like a blanket on a wood. The best choice is ofcourse latex given its sheer volume of material or density to sqft is unparalleled with chemical foam. I would recommend that you go towards a higher ILD or Density like 85 -95 (32-40).
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