1-800-mattress double sided innerspring good for DIYing?
Apr 5, 2010 4:59 PM
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I'm looking for a good basic innerspring mattress, in a firm configuration so it doesn't have a lot of crap foam, that I can then customize with a couple latex or memory foam toppers to get my dream bed. After trying a few all-foam beds I find I still like having an innerspring somewhere better than just foam, even if its very good foam. 

I notice that dial-a-mattress. aka 1-800-mattress (who have actually recently been bought out by one of the big mattress chains) still carry a line of "CEO's Private Collection" doublesided (flippable) innerspring mattresses, at quite reasonable prices (@$600 for a king mattress alone). They claim these are high quality mattresses, but private label made for them by a local company (Rex Bedding, of whom I can find very little on the net). 

These are described as having 312 coil 13 gauge bonnel springs. Anyone know if this is any good or not? 


Re: 1-800-mattress double sided innerspring good for DIYing?
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nydana8 wrote:



 After reading this tread about two-sided mattresses and doing a bit more research, I decided to go for the Rex Bedding  (of Plainfield, New Jersey) two-sided mattress. The purchase was made at International Furniture in Manhattan (113 Bowery). I was very pleased to buy an old-fashioned mattress Made by hand in the USA. So you cannot imagine my dissapoitment when after one week of sleeping on it I noticed it started sagging in the middle. The mattress is a Queen size, therefore not too large, and I am a 130lbs female. It is now 3 mos later and the sag is so pronounced that I need to flip it already. This is a total new experience for me, as none of my many other mattresses, no matter how cheap, started sagging after one week? So much for Made in the USA the old-fashioned way!   

No warranty? Even if not I would threaten them with BBB complaint. They should be willing to do SOMEthing for you - give you a DEEP discount on another mattress at least.

If I HAD to buy a spring mattress nowadays personally I'd go wtih Simmons, but one of the more top end models with more springs per square foot. If you are familiar with my old posts, I HATED Simmons and bad-mouthed them all over the place. The only reason I have changed my mind is that I saw some material sheets on their higher end mattresses and some are not too bad and they improved the placing of their springs to some degree. Still the springs can migrate but shouldn't be nearly as bad as they were years ago. The thing you want to avoid is pu foam and memory foam. Try to get one with latex and a higher-quality pu foam - the less pu the better.

I am curious if a Simmons can be DIY'd with mattress surgery. I was looking at how they are encased and it seems to me you could take off the top layers of crappy foam and replace them with pure latex, keeping the cover that is right on top of the coils, in place. It's a theory but I think it might work. If so, a Simmons with pure latex on top might be really good.

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