New Mattress Dilemma - Innerspring/memory/latex
Sep 13, 2013 5:28 PM
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We've been sleeping on the same old crappy cheap extra firm $99 4-5 inch foam mattress for Ikea for over 10yrs. Since we were young, we never noticed the difference. Now we are in our 30s and value our sleep more than ever and want to make sure we do it right. After visiting Raymour and Flanigan and Macy's and being hounded by the pushy salesman who make telemarkets look slick we are a bit confused to say the least. We tried iComforts, Beautyrests (Black series) that felt decent in the showroom and other Sealy/Simmons/Hotel Collection beds as well. We also tried a firm latex mattress. Lying there on a matress in a showroom for 5-10 minutes I feel is inadequate to judge durability, comfort down the line and quality, specially when those sales clowns are breathing down your neck. I've decide to turn to the internet. What we are looking for is something that will last at least 5 years, something around medium - medium firm with good support (we are side and stomach sleepes and occasionally back), cool (we both sleep 'hot') and we don't want to feel like we are being cuddled by the mattress like the plush memory foams do. We are against innerspring as the ultimate nightmare for us would be to deal with depsressions. sagging, and springiness. Memory foams sound great in principle, but afraid of sleeping hot even with the new cooling gel (and all the marketing that goes along with it) and also heard of early sagging and mildew issues. Latex seems popular here and sounds like a good option but afraid it might be too firm, might sleep hot, and is expensive, plus latex is so much more confusing to understand with the synthetic vs. natural, talalay vs. dunlop, foam over latex or latex over foam or pure latex. Perhaps a decent priced latex matress with a memory foam topper is the ticket? We are looking to spend under $1500. Thoughts?
Re: New Mattress Dilemma - Innerspring/memory/latex
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You can't get good quality for $1500. You are already used to a foam bed so that is a good start. You should try looking for another foam bed. Don't be too concerned with the type of foam used. Lots of the foams advertised as memory foam are not any type of memory foam, they are jus regular foam. Memory foam is a catchy phrase used by marketing departments trying to convince you that you are buying a Tempurpedic which is real memory foam. A good quality latex mattress will cost around $2500 in Queen size and won't sleep hot compared to other foam materials. Plush Beds, who advertise on this site have a reasonable deal with a $1899 9" latex mattress. The extra few inches of thickness will help comfort compared to your current mattress and you get to return it if it doesn't work  for you.

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