New Ikea Malfors foam mattress?
Jun 29, 2014 4:57 PM
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Hey all!

I'm in the market to buy my first Queen size foam/memory foam mattress.  I'm a little unsure of what I'm doing to be honest.  I have a small budget of $250 to spend so I know I'm not getting anywhere near top of the line but I'm currently on a Full size spring mattress and have been for years.  Ready to upgrade, at least a little.

I've run across this IKEA foam mattress ( called the Malfors.  It's an almost 5 inch foam mattress.  I tried it at the store and it was comfy but going on Overstock and a few other sites I keep finding 6 or 8 inch foam/memory foam mattresses for around the same price namely from Signature Sleep, SwissLux and a few others.  I'm weary to try buy a mattress I've never tried but the idea of a 6 or 8 inch foam mattress with an inch or two of memory foam SEEMS better than a 5 inch foam mattress; speaking in generalities.  All of them seem to have great online reviews and the IKEA bed does as well for that matter.

Can anyone offer some advice?  I will be using a Denver box spring underneath.  Not sure if that makes much of a difference in deciding at all.  Really appreciate it!

Re: New Ikea Malfors foam mattress?
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You seem to be concentrated on the size and nothing else. I would advice talking to the salesperson and asking for some advice on the comfort of the mattresses they have and also let them know your preferances. Mattresses can be firm, soft etc. Size does not guarantee comfort

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