Memory Foam mattress...are cheap okay?
May 10, 2011 1:10 PM
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I have been looking around the internet for some time now, and I am starting to believe that expensive isn't always better.  It seems that buying a mattres online, from what I can tell, is less expensive and just about the same quality as a store front or big chain.  I suffer from back pain and migraines, and my doctor recently told me that I should switch my mattress and pillows to memory foam.  I managed to change to the pillows, and they did help, so I am trying to talk my husband into a mattress online. 

Where should I be looking?  I've checked ebay, and other sellers online, and some of the best prices I have found are online. 

Can you guys maybe point me in a direction?  There are some ebayers out there, and a company called Drift Away Mattress.  What about overseas?  Anyone bought from a place like that? 

Desperate to get some more relief.


Re: Memory Foam mattress...are cheap okay?
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I have seen some on Drift Away I think on this forum.  You need to try using the search function but be careful or glowing evaluations you may see on this forum for any mattress.  Some of those are fake.  You can tell the real ones from the fake if you just look for objectivity. 
Re: Memory Foam mattress...are cheap okay?
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What you mostly want - in my opinion - is a type of memory foam that has a quicker response than Tempurpedic, one that returns to its normal shape quicker than regular foam but not so slow as Tempur. foam.

I think you also want at least 4lb density, or preferably 5 or 6lb density. Personally I'd avoid Chinese made memory foam because a) the Chinese government is evil; and b) you can't trust their products to be safe.

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