Marshall Rest Assured Ovation Mattress
Mar 26, 2016 2:52 PM
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I am considering purchasing a Queen Marshall mattress and wondering if it is a strong mattress. (I'm worried about body impressions.)Can someone please comment on this mattress and whether it is a good option. Here are the specs:

Marshall Rest Assured Ovation
Extra firm Tight Top two sided mattress (Queen)
edge to edge pocket coils in fibretekc fabric. The coils (14.5 gauge and 15 gauge on the perimeter of the bed) are attached to each other with hog-rings.
;16oz/sq yd soft hollofill pillow fibres
premium firm platform foam (1.3 lbs density)<br><br>Inner<br>0.75" premium firm soy Comfort foam (1.5 lbs density)<br>2 layers, 0.8" densified felt posture pad<br><br><br>Since this is a two sided, there is an inner and outer layer on both sides of the pocket coils. <br><br>The mattress is 11.5 inches thick. Nine inch coils are twice compressed to 6.25 inches. The inner and outer layers are compressed to 2.5 inches on either side. <br><br>I absolutely love this mattress. It is not bouncy or springy just firm without being too hard and it feels stable. I would love to purchase it but I'm afraid of the foam leaving a body impression. Since I had this happen twice, I'm a little gun-shy. Any advice on the stability of this mattress based on the specs? <br><br>Would greatly appreciate advice!<br>
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Re: Marshall Rest Assured Ovation Mattress
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Mattressoptimist.  If you are comfortable with cutting open a mattress cover after several years you might have success with mattress surgery.  If it really is just the foam failing - not the springs - then you can remove the old foam and replace it with new foam.  There are dozens of internet options for this.  Mattdud
Re: Marshall Rest Assured Ovation Mattress
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Thanks MattDud for your reply. I would prefer not to be looking at mattress surgery, particularly that this mattress costs around CDN $2000.00
Re: Marshall Rest Assured Ovation Mattress
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Mattressoptimist,this is an US forum,if you are looking for a CDN 2,000 mattress in Canada and I think Canada forum will help you a lot.

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