Looking for info on Dormia memory foam mattresses
Jul 16, 2011 11:17 PM
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We went out again today & tried the same mattresses again, but we also went to The Dump and tried out the Dormia memory foam mattresses too. Of the Dormias they had, we felt the Newport model was the best for us. According to the tag, it has 3" of 4 lb memory foam then 3" of 5 lb memory foam & then a 7" base and had a price tag of $1,800. It's not as comfy as the Tempur Cloud Supreme & the motion transfer is way too much between sides IMO. I was doing everything I could to avoid dropping $3,500 on the Tempur Cloud Supreme, but it looks like I may have to bite the bullet. We did try the entry Tempur Cloud again as well, but the Supreme is world better and worth the extra $1k IMO.

The Ashley-Sleep Key West we liked last weekend is now out as it is too firm and the motion transfer is way too much. Their Bar harbor model is the lower level memory foam mattress of their line, but felt the best to us. However, motion transfer was crap as well.

Gave the Sealy Embody line another try and didn't like them enough to buy. The Embody that I liked was just $700 less than the Tempur. I'd rather spend $700 more on the Tempur.

Anyone here have a Dormia? If the motion transfer was not so bad on it, I may be more inclined to buy, but I could feel the smallest stuff across the bed such as my gf tapping her foot or putting her hand down on the bed.

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