Looking to buy a mattress - suggestions please
Aug 13, 2015 12:45 AM
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Hi everyone...new here! I hope y'all can help me out. We have got to get a new mattress soon! I can not take my current one anymore! It's to the point that I dread going to bed to another sleepless night.

A bit of history first....we had a pillow top Sealy Posturepedic for several years. I loved it! It doesn't seem like it had the super thick pillow top that I see on many mattresses now. It was just right. It had the firmness to give good support but also soft enough to be comfortable and cozy.

Well, a few years ago I started having lower back/hip issues. I have a bulging disc that causes hip and sciatic pain that I've been getting nerve blocks every few months...putting off surgery as long as I can.

Coincidentally, when these back problems started or became noticeable to me, our Sealy Posturepedic started giving me issues. It was sagging, causing me to feel like I was rolling toward the middle. The side of my body that kept rolling toward the middle also just so happened to be the side that my hip pain was worse on. I blamed it on the mattress causing it because it's as if during my sleep I might have been using that hip all night long while sleeping to try to keep from rolling to the middle.

My husband put a piece of plywood between the mattress and box springs to give more support. That helped for a little while, then it no longer worked. He added other various things but none worked. We traded sides so that I wouldn't have to fight rolling to the middle with my bad hip.

Eventually, it got to the point of not enough support in general to my lower back, besides the rolling to the middle that we had to get another mattress.We couldn't afford an expensive mattress, so we got one of those memory foam temperpedic knock-offs from Sam's Club. I was not satisfied with it. One thing I didn't like about it was it being much shorter than our previous pillow top thick mattress. I was going to give it the benefit of the doubt though. Well, besides it being way too hot for me, it's like it was too stiff in places...not being cozy and comfortable. It was too firm in places, but still not enough support on my lower back. For instance, while lying on my back, I could easily reach around and put my hand in the gap between my lower back and the mattress. It just didn't work right for my pressure points along with being too stiff.

So, we took that back to Sam's and ordered one of the "bed in a box" that comes with a platform to use instead of a box springs. I had read a lot of great reviews on it before choosing it. Well, the first week or so, I was undecided. I didn't just love it, but I didn't hate it. It was much better than the one we had returned. Eventually, I knew we were going to have to get another mattress and I just decided to deal with it until we could get another one and I would be figuring out what kind to get.

Then, a few months ago, my mother-in-law gave us a King size mattress and box springs that they had only had a few months. We previously had a Queen size. I forgot why she said they had to get another one. Either her or my father-in-law wasn't satisfied with it but the other was but the store wouldn't take it back after using it, so she gave it to us.

Well, needless to say.....now this one is KILLING me! It seems like it gets worse every night! It feels like I'm trying to crawl out of a hole in the morning and my back hurts so bad especially in the morning.

So, I'm looking into getting a new mattress yet again, but this time I would like for it to lasts for awhile. I have been looking into getting a Latex mattress, but not sure what to look for or where to look here in Alabama. I'm a bit confused about Latex. What do all those numbers mentioned mean? I really like how it seems that that you can open it up and change up and/or add layers of latex to customize it or if one layer does have issues or wear out, you can just replace that layer? Am I understanding that correctly?

So, could someone please explain anything I need to know regarding purchasing a Latex mattress and also suggest what I might go with? I mostly sleep on back, but do also turn to my side. I need it to be firm, especially in the lower back and hip area, but also be sort of cozy and comfortable. Also, what about latex/rubber allergies because my husband is allergic to latex/rubber. I thought that might not be an issue since the latex itself wouldn't be directly touching his skin, but thought I'd ask.

I'm open to other suggestions as well...not just latex. So, please someone help me decide on what we should get. Thanks in advance!
Re: Looking to buy a mattress - suggestions please
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It looks like the original post was a while back, but since others might check out the thread, I will add to it. I bought a latex mattress from FloBeds and have been sleeping on it for about six months. It took a few weeks for me to get used to the latex feel, but I was sleeping deeper with more REM sleep, dreams and waking up only from noise from my husband (he snores when he turns on his back.) I had to order the Medium V-Zone after trying out a Medium over Firm over Extra Firm. I was sleeping so soundly that I didn't wake up to change positions through the night and started getting numbness between my shoulders. The V-zone allowed me to put a layer of Soft latex under my upper body and shoulders while leaving the firmer Medium layer under my lower back for support. Now I am waking up well rested. It seemed to take me a long time to get used to the different feel of latex but because I was sleeping better, I stayed with it. Flobeds was exemplary in customer service even though I live in Atlanta and they are based in California. They followed through on calling UPS when a shipment was delayed and UPS called me to make it right. My husband's side is Medium over an Extra Firm over a Super Firm because he is about 100 pounds heavier. He needs more support to get the same feel. We are both sleeping better. I think that the regular mattresses must have a higher profit margin so they are easier to find in retail stores. I did find another latex store in Atlanta to try out latex, but they were double the cost of Flobeds online. Even though the FloBeds mattress is 30% more expensive than king mattresses in retail mid price range, it is worth it to get something we like. Back surgery is a lot more expensive. After six months, the mattress settled slightly on either side of the king with a bit of a rise in the middle, but it was an even settling effect that didn't compromise the support. I expected some settling. I can sit on the side of the bed and put on my shoes, which gives you an idea of the amount of support. I am comfortable with pillow support sitting up in bed to read. It sleeps cool, which in my middle age years, matters. The company was committed to making me a happy customer. I was pleased that they let me return the foundation for a full refund when I decided to use my old box springs past the 100 day trial period.
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I'm in the same boat! So tired of buying mattresses that don't deliver on what they say they will. And then once you've decided its not right, the nightmare of the returns process begins! Very interested in what people have to say in response to your post chickenlady! I'm at my wits end!
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If you have lower back/hip issues, a firm mattress may not be best for the back.Most of experts said someone would benefit from a medium mattress if have a back issue.And according to most of people suggest that memory foam mattress is really great for health, which provides good sleep quality for us.

I have the same problem before and searched many ways to reduce my back pain.Including how to choose a mattress and I found that the Langria essential medium firm memory foam mattress really works well for my back. Check it on here http://www.langria.com/10-inch-essential-memory-foam-mattress.html

It says it provides optimal comfort and support for all sleeping profiles with its well-layered high density memory foam.I have used it for 2 months and the back issue is not serious as before.It tells me that good rest is important.
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Re: Looking to buy a mattress - suggestions please
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What do you suggest more to buy Pillow top Mattress or Double Mattress? Which one is better for the price?

Kind Regards,
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Hello,<BR><BR>What do you suggest more to buy Pillow top Mattress or Double Mattress? Which one is better for the price?<BR><BR>Kind Regards, <BR>Zachary
[/quote wrote:
It depends on what's size of your bed.As for the price,different brands have different price.Follow your budget and the size of your bed to get the suitable price is a great way.
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I would consider "all latex" mattress with a THIN non-quilted top fabric that has a LOT of 4 way stretch. Sleep ez in Arizona is a good option....
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Most people with a back pain would go for a firm mattress. its not comfortable But it works. You need to check with a chiropractor on what they suggest too. Chuck the brand they suggest if its expensive. IF you are going to purchase the mattress personally, (not online) then go check the mattress which the docs suggest and find a cheaper one with the same firmness and fee.

With hip and back problems , almost all the soft beds are going to be a big no. You will have a bit of discomfort in your sleep the first few days but you will thank the bed because it will make your back a lot lot better! after a few days, people usually get used to the firm mattress and dont complain. on the contrary, you have a straight sleep of 6-8 hours on a firm mattress and feel fresh in the morning. You actually want to get out of bed and not lie around for another hour!

You may also want to consider sleeping positions. Sleeping on your back seems to be bad for hip and back problems!

Memory Foam Warehouse voucher codes
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I was also looking to buy mattress from last week and was searching various places to get the best one.Finally got to know about Memory Foam Warehouse voucher codes which has good mattress as I want and the price is really cheap.
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If you want to buy a bed mattress for your comfort then I would suggest to reviews for many big brand and then make your final decision thanks
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I bought a SAATVA Queen bed. Great bed BUT, I can't find a mattress pad that will stay in place more than two nights.

I find that very frustrating. It's like buying a new car, but you have to sit on a 5 gallon bucket in order to drive it.

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