Latex overload!
Sep 19, 2011 7:02 PM
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I have been researching for about 3 months now and recently came across this forum on latex mattresses. I think after reading all the information avail on this forum and my research I may know more about latex mattresses then the sales person but I still can't decide which is the best. I tried the Pure bliss mattress at Xpress-matress retail store they offer to sell me the king size latex 10" mattress, foundation, 2- latex pillows, king latex topper and the bed frame for $3400.00, they claim its all 100% Talalay. 

I seen the trends on the FBM and the Foam factory and the prices are about half! but I have to order online without trying it out and having to trust a sales rep on the quality of the latex. I have come up with some options and so far only seen the one on I am hoping if anyone reading has purchased a Talalay latex mattress to please share your experiences or if u have a latex mattress please give some advise. My budget is $2500.00 for all.

1st option- All 100%Talalay 8"-10"  king sz mattress.

2nd option 2"-3" Talalay top and  6" Dunlop for the core king sz mattress.

Combination opt's

2" 19 ILD- Top  to 20 ILD

2" 28 ILD- Med to 34ILD

6" 36 ILD- Support  their prices and king size mattress.

  • 2" Talalay soft and 6" firm Talalay core, mattress only $1597.00+ sh approx $200 or
  • Ultra plush 5.5 solid Talalay core plus 2 soft 22ILD Talalay, Talalay latex one side quilted to 1.5 of wool blend on both sides mattress is 9.5 weights 170-  $1495.00 + s/h or the
  • set w/heavy duty Ortho foundation for $1695.00 +s/h 


I dont know where I can test these Latex mattress as everywhere I go they have blended latex. I also needed to make sure on the refund policies and warranties. Please help!


Re: Latex overload!
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I don't have many answers because I'm not sure what you are asking and it is important to know whether you are a side sleeper or back or stomach sleeper.  Weight is probably the next most critical factor.  If you are a side sleeper, I think that 2" of 19 ILD or 20 ILD is not a thick enough comfort layer and you may need another inch.  19 - 22ILD is a good comfort layer but I would go to at least 3 inches (if you are a side sleeper), 2 may be enough for a back sleeper.  The next layer down, I would go to 28 ILD to transend to the thicker final support layer (if side sleeper).   This is a start.  I'm sure others will add their opinions with more details and if you can narrow down your question a little better.  I think building your own latex is the right way to go.
Re: Latex overload!
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I am a side sleeper and weigh 150. My husband is a side sleeper and weighs 220. We both suffer from shoulder pain/discomfort and are looking for a mattress that can help.

  • Has anyone purchased from 
  • Has anyone purchased their new 100% Natural Talalay Adjustable Plush King size Mattress 9" w/bamboo covers?
Re: Latex overload!
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100% Talalay does not mean 100% natural or organic latex.  It's only the process by which the pad is made (mattress or topper).

...just making sure you're no confusing 100% Talalay or 100% Dunlop with 100% natural or 100% organic latex.

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