I need mattresses for the kids -- help!
Feb 5, 2012 4:21 AM
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I haven't been on here for a while since my mattress surgery last year. We are still tweaking, but our sleep is SO much better than it was. Thank you for all the great advice everyone has given me. :)


Now I have a new problem. I've been searching through here for days, but have found very little information regarding mattresses for kids. My 9 yr old son is less than 60 pounds (long and lean) and is on an Ikea foam mattress that looks similar to this one. We've had it for 3-4 years and just put a 2" pink overstock memory foam over it with a Costco cuddlebed on top. We've had the memory foam for a year (just on a different bed), so I'm not too worried about offgasing -- but I don't know if it's a good choice for support and comfort. He's on the bottom of a bunkbed with his mattress on the floor.

My 5 yr old daughter (36 pounds) is now sharing his room and is on the top bunk on an old crappy hand-me-down mattress that was sort of ok for the rare occassional guest, but not something I love her using all the time. Our original plan was to just move the Ikea foam bed up and get a new mattress for my son. But now I'm wondering if that's really what we should be doing. Buying 2 new mattresses isn't really in the budget right now as we have a big family reunion coming up this summer and my car needs 4 new tires. Never a good time for big purchases is there -- sigh.

So, what can I get that is a reasonable choice for 2 very light kids that won't break the bank? Should we just move up the Ikea foam one we have and get one new one -- maybe the Costo Sealy posturepedic Roseshore? Or Costco has a Sealy Dearborne twin 2-pack -- I think it used to be called the Foxport. 2 beds for the price of one -- it's certainly reasonable priced! But I don't know how long it would last -- I'd be happy if it made it 5 years.

I've also considered latex from FBM -- but 1) I don't know if I can put the mattress directly on the floor. 2) I don't know about having the latex on the top bunk. It has slats that are about 2.5" apart and I can't screw any more into the frame. Plus it might be difficult to get it up there! 3) I don't know what thickness or ILD is appropriate for a child.

Beyond that, there's a Sears near us and a Custom Comfort (but even their lowest level mattress is still pricier). There's also Macys and Ortho (don't know anything about them) and Sit and Sleep (hated them the last time I went in their store).

I sure would appreciate it if anyone has any insight or thoughts on this. Thanks! :)

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Re: I need mattresses for the kids -- help!
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Hopeful/desperate bump!
Re: I need mattresses for the kids -- help!
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Hi Stacy, wow, no one ever responded to your plea? What did you end up doing? I am now searching for latex for my kids. They are still on their sleeptek latex crib mattresses. I would like to know what ILD the latex is in the crib mattress as I quite like it as a core and then I just have to get a core with that ILD and add a medium topper. 

Anyways, let me know what you ended up with.


Re: I need mattresses for the kids -- help!
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Growing kids need a medium firm mattress! As always, latex to the rescue.

All natural, and priced right. I would get them in Full or Queen so you don't have to upgrade any time soon (save some $$ in the future!)

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Re: I need mattresses for the kids -- help!
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Latex 5.6 pound foam rubber in medium firm I.L.D. number 33 for children is over the top. It will cost to much and be to firm for the weight of your child. The quality will last to long up to twenty years in some cases not to mention that some people are allergic to Latex products. Like most parents you want to get the best value for your dollar. Therefor it will be the High Resilience 3.0 pound foam in medium I.L.D. number 30.
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