How To Improve Air-Bed
Feb 10, 2017 2:45 PM
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This site has been so helpful to me.  Thank you all for your coaching!

I purchased a king size air bed online knowing I would need to buy additional foam to make it similar to a Sleep Number i8 bed, without spending thousands of dollars.  The air bed is basic with two remote controlled bladders encased in a zippered mattress with a very thin foam sew into the top.

I bought a 3 inch 20ILD Talalay Latex topper.  It's helped but once I rest on it for 15 minutes, I can feel my hips and shoulders hitting the hard top of the mattress underneath and my pressure points start to hurt which causes me to have to toss and turn a lot.  The air bladders adjustability has been helpful but this needs some additional cushioning.  

Any recommendations on what else I should buy to soften it a bit?  I've scoured the Sleep Number website and the two items that I'm missing compared to their i10 model is a pillow top mattress case and a 2inch memory foam-4lb Density/2inch regular foam piece.  I called Sleep Number and the cost for the 2inch memory/2inch foam is $350 a piece (Not much more than my Talalay pieces I bought).  The pillow top was outrageous at $1200.  

I'm not sure what to do?  Any advice?  I'm thinking of buying a 2 or 3 inch memory foam topper to experiment with and then return if it doesn't work.



Re: How To Improve Air-Bed
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Hello, I saw you post, I would like leave a quick reply, my recommendation is to either use goose feathers or some polyurethane, greetings.

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