Help with layers
Jun 12, 2014 10:08 PM
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So I'm looking into making a latex bed, I already have 2" of aerus 5lb memory foam and liking that. I'm think of going with two three inches of 31ILD latex from bedinabox, but not sure if that we'll be too firm? I side and back sleep, I can also get it in 23ILD but the price seems to get a bit higher. I was originally thinking


2" aerus memory foam

2" 20 or 24ILD talalay latex

2 3" of dunlop 31 ILD for the core


do you think that core might be too firm ? Since dunlop is more dense, as that's about 5.6LBS or should that be good? 4" seem to be a fair amount for a comfort zone... Any ideas ? 

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