Help finding a mattress for my apparently strange needs.
Dec 26, 2019 7:07 PM
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So, I've been searching for the right mattress for me for a few years now. I have hip and back problems, so I need a good amount of support for the hip area, but I am a side sleeper and get bad shoulder pain so need something that is also very soft on my shoulders. Yes, I have tried becoming a back sleeper but I always end up on my side in my sleep even if I can manage to fall asleep on my back. I have yet to find something thats right for me.
I have tried the following:
Nectar mattress (too firm, great for my hips but terrible for my shoulders)
The Brentwood Oceano (far firmer than I was expecting based on the description. Fine for the hips but too firm for my shoulders again. They sent a topper to try, but it was still not quite enough for the shoulders while also making it a little too soft on the hips)
The Nest Alexander Hybrid (The closest so far, was great for my shoulder but a little too soft for my hips, at the time they only had one firmness which was the medium)

I'm not quite sure where to go from here. I am considering the Zoned mattress by Brooklyn Bedding, but there aren't a lot of reviews on it so I've been unsure.
The Casper wave I want to try but its out of my price range.
Any other possibilities or suggestions for me to look into? Thanks

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