Help for daughter's mattress : latex and pocket coil
Nov 22, 2017 10:19 PM
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I need help selecting a mattress for my young daughter! After researching this site I've settled on a pocket coil mattress with latex top. I like wool instead of chemicals for fire protection. My preference is an online retailer that will offer exchanges for firmness levels since I don't really have time to go to a store that would have all the options in looking at (I'd start with a firm mattress since I hear that's better for kids, then reassess after trying it).

so far my top choices are:
-my green mattress (coils, latex, eco but don't like that you can't select a firmness)

-the nest: bedding hybrid latex, firm (coils, 3 inch foam, wool, but more pricey)

-urban mattress: simple alpine mattress (coils, 2 inch latex, wool, organic cotton)

-naturpedic: verse organic mattress (coils, no latex, cotton. I like that it's eco but not sure if cotton is enough on top of the coils).

Do you have experience with these? Any other recommendations?


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