Nov 17, 2014 10:52 AM
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I had a Kingsdown Sleep to Live Series 600 blue mattress. Well it started to sag. This is the second time that I'm executing a warranty replacement. Being that the mattress isn't produced anymore I got the lovely "store credit" for the same price I paid for my original mattress. Well that credit was $1300. Now to keep getting my lifetime warranty I had to stay within the brand so that the box and mattress match. Well I just got the Kingsdown Stateman. All I can say is hard as a rock! Last night was my second night and my side is killing me. I thought I was a stomach sleeper but turns out that I alternate between side and stomach. So herein lies my question. Do exchange it for a plush mattress or buy a topper? I really do not want to shell out more money on top of the original purchase which I might have to if I opt to exchange it due to the price difference in the new mattresses. Plus I have to shell out a $150 throwaway fee for the exchange. Any suggestions on getting a softer feel?

Thanks in advance.
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No question from my perspective. Get a 2 or 3" memory foam or latex topper. In a couple years when that wears out get another and the main mattress will probably be fine. 

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