Ghost Bed Mattress - disappointing (recommend looking elsewhere)
Feb 10, 2021 4:18 PM
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Recently bought a Ghost Bed Flex direct from Ghost Bed. After the 30-night trial, we contacted Ghost Bed about their "no hassle" refund policy.
It was...and continues to be... a hassle. They have tried to do everything not to process the refund (the mattress is in perfect shape and their policy clearly states "no hassle"). We are still waiting to hear from them about whether or not they are proceeding with the refund. Their no hassle refund policy is false advertising.

Ghost Bed pretty much as a promotion on all the time. So the regular prices really aren't their true prices. In our case it was 30% and two free pillows. What they don't tell you (it is very buried under terms and conditions) is that if you ask for a refund on the mattress, you have to return the pillows (which we would expect) at the customers expense (which we did not expect). They do not make this an explicit term up front whenever they push the free pillow bonus. And they do not allow for an "opt out" of receiving the pillows. This is misleading and not a transparent business practice.

And, finally, on their website, they only have glowing customer reviews and yet, when I tried to find out from one of their customer service reps how I can leave a review, he could not tell me and it is a mystery when you go to their website to try to figure out how to do this. This too may be akin to false advertising.

Save yourself a major headache and purchase your bed-in-a-box elsewhere. I wish I had seen a review like this. It would have prevented me from getting into this mess. The bed-in-a-box market is a crowded one. There are plenty of other companies to choose from who are likely more trusted sources.

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