Deciding between Tempurpedic Models !
Feb 3, 2013 6:37 PM
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Hi Everyone, 


This seems like an awesome site and I would realllllly appreciate any help/opinions/suggestions you all have. 


A little about me ......

5 3 average weight female 

Side or stomach sleeper 

Loves a super soft but supportive mattress 


I am trying to decide between the cloud models of Tempurpedic currently. My choice are to either go with the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme ( new or clearance) or the Tempurpedic Cloud Select (new) or the Cloud (clearance). Both of the clearance models are about $700.00 less than the new models. I have visited both display models in the store and they both seem to be in great condition (no staining, pilling dents or defects etc.) 


I started out six years ago and bought a Tempurpedic Classic. It was very firm and stiff and even though it was supportive, I had a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall asleep on it. I ended up selling it to my mom and buying a Simmons Beautyrest North hampton Superpillow Top mattress and was very pleased for it. Over the years the pillowtop started to break down and it developed a ditch. I am now back to square one. 


Testing out in the store it seems that the supreme or luxe are most comfortable for me. I love that sunk in feeling and love super soft mattresses that are still supportive. However the prices are extremely high even for a clearance supreme model. 


What I am wondering is how great the differences are between the original cloud (not select) and supreme. I wonder if the cloud will be soft enough for me and whether or not it will soften up over time. I wonder if the supreme is worth an extra thousand dollars and if it's really that different or if I'm just being too spoiled because it feels more luxurious to me. 


I also have been reading some comments about the tempurpedics softening up over the years and wonder how this relates to the cloud models. Because the same length of time later my mother's TP is probably 95 percent as hard as it was to begin with. TP customer service says that even as the mattresses get softer you don't sacrifice support but I wonder if I start with a cloud supreme it will eventually turn to mush. 


If anyone has had experience dealing with any of these models, has been deciding between them or just has input I would love to hear it ! 


Thanks ! 



Re: Deciding between Tempurpedic Models !
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The Cloud and Cloud Select should feel almost identical.  Tempurpedic didn't change anything about the bed except for the base layer which shouldn't make much of a difference in feel.  Therefore, the Supreme should definitely feel softer as it has a thicker "ES" layer on top.

I'm not sure where you are buying them from, but one of the biggest negatives of buying clearance is that you won't get a comfort guarantee or warranty.  Some places when you buy a new one will offer you a comfort guarantee, that way you can make sure it works out for you.

I've worked in the mattress industry for 12 years and Tempurpedic is one bed that I have seen have very few problems.  It's just like everything else and there are bad ones out there, but not nearly as often as you see with a lot of your traditional style beds.

I hope this helps!!  Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Re: Deciding between Tempurpedic Models !
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Thanks for your help ... yeah just a matter of deciding whether it's worth the extra money I guess. They told me as long as I buy a mattress protector, I will have a warranty with them for the four remaining years in my warranty. And then a limited warranty with Tempurpedic for 25 years, where the subtract the price of what I paid for the clearance model from the regular price of a new mattress. 

(oh and the retailer is Sleepys, I have a credit from the warranty from them) 

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