Corsicana vs. Those Three "S" Manufacturers
Aug 6, 2011 7:48 PM
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I was searching for a twin extra firm mattress set.  Sleepys
lists a Simmons that I'm sure is a safe bet.  With their shipping
charge and taxes the final cost would be around $800.00

A few days ago I found this listing at US Mattress:

I found many customer reviews about the Corsicana brand.
Some of the older comments that go back several years were
very negative.  More recent reviews, like these at the Sleepys
site are very positive.

If you ask a mattress salesperson why Corsicana is cheaper,
they always say the same thing.  The big three spend a fortune
on advertising and Corsicana does not.  Sounds reasonable,
I suppose.

At the Corsicana FAQ page the 8325 is listed as the firmest
mattress they manufacture.

US Mattress says the "extra firm" feels like you're sleeping on
the floor.  I've slept on very firm mattresses all my life.  None
of them ever felt rock hard to me.  Earlier today, I sat on a few
extra firm mattresses at a big retail chain.  They were very firm,
but had plenty of quilted batting and foam padding.  Definitely
not like sleeping on the floor!

I really don't care about mattress warranties.  If the retailer or
the manufacturer won't replace a defective mattress, it doesn't
matter if the warranty is six months or twenty years.

I contacted Corsicana directly, and received a reply in less than
24 hours.  That's good news.  Many companies ignore customer

I have to admit, buying a mattress set I can't see and touch at a
local retailer is a little scary.  Any positive or negative comments
about similar innerspring Corsicana mattress sets would be very
helpful.  The money is still in my pocket.  It seems like the 8325 is

a good buy, but I'm not sold yet.

Thanks guys.

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