Confused between different foam mattress
Jun 5, 2019 9:19 AM
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I have a 7-year-old kid he is giving me a hard time. He keeps me busy all day when he is home. He is never tired, maybe that is why he never sleeps, at night because of which even we are not able to sleep. Sometimes he is having nightmares in the middle of the night. At other times he is having trouble sleeping. His sleeping patterns are getting affected, and that has become a grave concern to us. When we consulted a doctor, he assured that my son wasn't having any medical problems, but he suggested changing the mattress. Mattresses do play a vital role in our sleep. We should have got him a soft one he is using a somewhat harder one. The doctor even recommended using a memory foam mattress, which will help in getting a sound sleep. How do I know which one is the most suited for us? Please do give your insights. Thank you.
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Re: Confused between different foam mattress
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You can refer multiple reviews present online and decide on what to buy for your child so that he can sleep. Based on your budget check out the options and pick the right one for your kid so that he can have a sound sleep.

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