Cheapy firm mattress + descent pillow topper?
Mar 22, 2018 1:12 AM
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Hi all,

I understand this material is super subjective, but perhaps some of you with much more knowledge/experience can provide some proposal / insights.


Wife and I had been sleeping on a 25 year-old Spring Air which was approximately 18 years old when we "inherited" it from household. We've got some cheapy 1.5" (possibly 2") memory foam thingie on top that appears to be evenly deteriorated. This item is obviously dreadful to sleep but of usage felt like spending $1000s on a new mattress, and I was skeptical it'd make any difference, and it might only irritate me more should I invest $1000s and ended up feeling precisely the same (that's to say, not really well rested and generally having lower back pain every morning that goes off mid-day).

Anyhow, Costco has Novaform memory foam mattresses which I found online had roughly 80 4-star (avg) testimonials, so I chose to bite. Was $499 and I purchased a $200 timber slat base on Amazon. Got it all set up and once I originally laid it, it felt fantastic (even though a little stiffer than I anticipated). On the nights I slept on it I discovered that I couldn't sleep during the night. I wake up several times tossing/turning. My back still hurt just as much, after about 3 months. Eventually I called Costco and they came and got it.

Then I only arbitrarily purchased a Sealy Posturpedic (that was rated on the milder side) from Costco for about $599. My wife really really enjoyed the softness, but I felt as though I was being swallowed by a pillow. I had a very hard time falling asleep the first night, along with the 2nd night I just laid in bed awake for hours until I eventually went and slept on the sofa. I called the following day and returned.

Then I made the massive mistake of visiting a SleepNumber shop and being wow had by their videos and marketing and yada yada. I purchased the C4 after trying it out in shop. Got it all set up and after a couple weeks, I actually love it. It feels like a cheapy air mattress as if you would get out of Target, just it costs $2000! This item isn't worth $2000. Perhaps $200, but not $2000. I attempted to give it a fair shake. Tried several different sleeping amounts for many nights, but what exactly simply feels just like a bit of crap. It is gonna need to return, and I will need to consume whatever costs are associated with a recurrence.

So I am stuck. I don't have any clue what to do. I believed of Tempurpedic, but I truly don't wish to devote a forture (particularly after SleepNumber prooved to me that there's not any correlation between cost and quality). I have read some pretty negative things about Tempurpedic.

I am wondering today: is there some feeling in only going and purchasing a cheapy cheapy, extra firm mattress (such as from Ikea or something) to get a couple hundred, then purchasing a top quality, 4" topper to go onto it? Does this make any sense in any way?

I sleep in my belly usually (back sometimes) and favor something sexier, but that sorta "feels" soft, but not saggy. My wife enjoys a softer/pillowy feeling, so I am unsure how to reconcile this. SleepNumber sounded great in concept, however in practice, it stinks.

Comments/suggestions? Anything at all you could suggest would be appreciated. I don't have any clue what to do at this stage.

EDIT: I guess some will suggest visiting a shop and trying out things, but it appears to me that 15min, 20min, an hour... I can not actually differentiate anything. A great deal of beds appears to feel nice for me when I originally lay on them. It is just after a full nights sleep which my body has some comments for me. I really don't wish to visit a shop, b/c the revenue people are gont be bothersome and higher pressure (and that I really don't begna wind up in a different SleepNumber fiasco).
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